Dell's Android-powered Netbook Plans Leaked?

While rumors about MSI and others have been doing the rounds for months now, there was little to be said for Dell’s Android-related plans. All told, the company was keeping pretty quiet as to whether or not it would be offering customers a netbook running Google’s operating system.

Bsquare yesterday announced it would be “porting Adobe's Flash Lite 3.17 technology onto Dell Netbooks running Google's Android platform.” The company made Engadget headlines late in March when it did the same for mobile devices running Android. It being a Bsquare press release, there’s little information on offer when it comes to Dell’s plans. Aside from a brief mention of the Dell Mini Inspiron 910 (Mini 9), we’re left completely in the dark when it comes to launch dates, prices and availability. Lame.

Android-netbook rumors were kicked into high gear last month when SkyTone announced plans to offer a below par netbook with specs that left much to be desired for such a high pricetag. Check out the full story on the SkyTone device here.

Check out the full Bsquare release on Engadget.

  • mforce2
    Why Flash Lite ? Maybe this is going to use an ARM CPU , that would explain the Android and Flash Lite. Just remember how long it took to get the full flash working on 64 bit and it's still not done yet it think.