This Concrete PC Case is a Work of Art

That blinged-out IdeaPad we saw earlier is flashy, but flashy isn't everyone's cup of tea. For those who enjoy a more industrial look (and only plan on moving their computer with the help of Žydrūnas Savickas), we've got the Concretronic from modder and Best Case Scenario forums user D.Heiße.

D.Heiße's creation is definitely special, but when you read how he did it, it becomes even more impressive. D.Heiße made the case using a single layer of concrete, which he accomplished by fashioning a complex frame out of steel sheeting and welding rods. The mod is D.Heiße's entry for a mod contest that asks that finished entries have PSU visible to the user. For this reason, the plexi-glass windows you see in the photos were also included in his custom-made framing.

Making the frame alone took D.Heiße two months. Unfortunately, he doesn't divulge how long it took to get the finished result, which is absolutely amazing looking by the way. Certain details, like the concrete buttons on the front and the SSD and HDD covers on the back, give an indication as to how long this project must have taken. Consider us blown away.

Check out D.Heiße's full post on The Best Case Scenario forum for pictures of the all the nitty-gritty procedures.

Source: Best Case Scenario via Gizmodo

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  • Gin Fushicho
    Gorgeous. I'd love to have one, though I'm worried my parts may get scratched up.
  • ecnovaec
    wow that's incredible... and probably heavy
  • BeCoolBro
    This great to carry to lan parties;p