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Samsung's 840 and 840 Pro SSDs Recieve a Firmware Update

Samsung’s 840 and 840 Pro Solid State Drives have received a new firmware update that provides the former drive with improved “read performance in specific cases” and enables DAS function as a default option for the latter.

The updates are available as both a ZIP archive to be used with Samsung’s Magician software and a bootable ISO file. The update can be downloaded from the following link.  

  • juuh
    10829327 said:
    Still don't see the need to run SSDs in my computers. When I can get a 1TB SSD for $140 get back to me.
    SSDs are not meant to be a mass storage solution, at least not for the average consumer. I've been running SSD as a system drive since 2009. And the fact that YOU want your computer to boot up slower and perform slower... well that is your prerogative.

  • flowingbass
    For a mobile computer (laptop) SSDs are a wonder to have equipped. Longer battery, less heat and no annoying vibration.
    And quick boot and enter/resume from sleep, it even beats my Samsing Galaxy 10.1 when cold booting.
    And i have a habit of leaving lots of tabs on every browser i use plus a lot of background apps, constantly maxing out 8gb ram. Having that fast pagefile (12gb swap file) drive is a godsend.
  • Prosercunus
    For my Desktop I still have not jumped on an SSD. My computer is always on and I have no applications that NEED a fast read and write speed.
    Now for Laptops. I absolutely must have an SSD.
  • Pyree
    I want to see some benchmark before updating the firmware.
  • geost91gr
    Would be very nice if we could see the performance changes this firmware brings.
  • unknown9122
    Hopefully they fixed the issues that plagued the drive on the launch date.
  • linkgx1
    Sweet. I have an 840 series on the way. SO can't wait. Thanks Samsung!
  • warezme
    Following the link you guys posted leads you to softpedia that attempts to download a bunch of crapware on to your system. Don't link crap like that.
  • ssdpro
    Sometimes users complain about firmware updates using the logic that it wouldn't be necessary if the release firmware "worked right". That isn't the reason at all - getting updates to functionality or bugs patched is a good thing. This is Samsung's 2nd update in 5 months I believe. No testing can catch all bugs. My only gripe here is that Samsung doesn't provide a Linux or Mac updater so I have to pull my drive and find a Windows PC. Seagate, WDC, Corsair, and OCZ all have great Windows, Linux, and Mac firmware updaters.
  • jdwii
    Hey my 840SSD works great and i'm going to do the update and see if there's any performance benefit might comment back if so