Dell Launches Super Slim $450 Vostro V13

Dell has hinted at a $450 Vostro here in the U.S., and now Engadget reports that the company has gone ahead and launched the super-slim notebook worldwide. Measuring in at 0.65 inches thick with options for either a 1.2GHz Celeron, 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo or 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo with integrated X4500MHD graphics, the notebook packs a 13.3-inch screen. That aside, it's also got eSATA, USB, Ethernet and SD and ExpressCard slots.

Check the video below.

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  • volks1470
    That price kind of shocked me a bit...but I bet that price is for the 1.2GHz celeron...
  • naterandrews
    Baseline unit includes the Celeron, and sizable 250GB hdd but no camera or Windows- just Linux.

    Step up to the higher end with the webcam, 320GB hdd, Core 2 Solo and Windows 7 Pro for $600- still a pretty good deal. Sure beats Apple's "Air" for what, half the price?
  • chinesemafia69
    no dedicated graphics nah,
    at least have ion or something
  • DjEaZy
    ... X4500MHD suck's monkeyballs...
  • cadder
    But what does it weigh? That's a big factor in that size range. If it's heavy then might as well get a 14" or 15" machine instead. Next critical point is the battery life, and other Dells aren't competitive in that area with their better 13" competitors.

    There are a good number of light 13" machines on the market now, including the Vostro 1320. I've been looking at the Toshiba T135 and ASUS UL30 myself. HP and Lenovo both make similar machines too. BestBuy has the Toshiba with dual core processor and good specs elsewhere for $550.
  • akhodjaev
    i want it to be half inch thin and has 2 SSDs SLI graphic cards and cooling system which is 3 inch thin:))))

    People, you can't have all... at least not now yet
    Maybe in 4-5 years, we will get there. Do not rush please
  • I'm not sure why people keep bringing up Apple products? If you don't like them don't mention them or buy them. Or do people secretly love Apple products, but sneer at them in public? How many iPods do you own?

    The starting weight according to the Dell website is 3.5lbs. It also comes with a LED LCD, max resolution 1366x768, Bluetooth 2.1 Standard
  • Luscious
    Uber-thin = uber-impractical!!!

    Puny battery life from a pencil-thin battery, no dedicated GPU, low-end C2D...

    People need to realize that thin does not mean small, it means compromise! There are much better 13" notebooks out there with better CPU, dedicated GPU and better battery life.

    For $450, I'd rather get a more compact 10" netbook with 9-hour battery than this fancy trash.
  • clist
    New Headline:
    "Dell Makes Choosing a Piece of Shit Laptop with VGA Output Even Tougher!"
  • fuser
    I'm not even looking at laptops until the Arrandale chips hit the market. Why buy something that's going to be obsolete in 2 months?