Dell Selling Multi-Touch LCD for Windows 7

Dell finally brought its multi-touch monitor here to the States after specs prematurely appeared online earlier this week. The SX2210T is the company's first dedicated multi-touch LCD display, and supports either one finer or two. The display is also compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium and above.

According to the specs, the 21.5-inch display provides an integrated 2 MP webcam with dual microphones, and a 1920 x 1080 resolution in conjunction with a 16:9 aspect ratio for full HD goodness. The SX2210T also features a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1, and an optimal brightness of 220 cd/m2.

"Move forward and backward between pages using a flick of your finger (similar to turning the pages of a book)," the company said. "Tap, drag and scroll throughout the Windows 7 interface, whether using the new Jump List menus or everyday applications, such as Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer and more."

Dell's new multi-ouch LCD display has a starting price of $469. Consumers also have the option of upgrading the warranty, adding speakers and/or a headset, adding keyboards and mice, and adding an external DVI video card via USB 2.0.

  • JasonAkkerman
    Dell's new multi-ouch...

    No thanks, I'll pass.
  • volks1470
    too expensive, that other one for $300 was a much better deal.
  • snotling
    great, I really wanted more fingerprints on my display
  • if it comes down in price to maybe around 150 buck it would be a pretty good deal
  • MitchMeister-
    The SX2210T is the company's first dedicated multi-touch LCD display, and supports either one finer or two

    I had to reread that to realize that he meant "finger". Not a "finer thing or two"
  • tayb
    ...either one finer or two


    Dell's new multi-ouch LCD display

    ... Great job editing here.
  • I'll go with a regular monitor instead.
    I'm not fond of typing on my screen.
  • ominous prime
    I can't see myself touching my monitor at home, the damn fingerprints would drive me crazy while gaming or watching movies.
  • buwish
    A bit much for my tastes. Maybe one day when they are cheaper and they come up with some kind of effective anti-fingerprint coating.
  • anamaniac
    220 cd/m2

    Wow... I thought 300 was the damned bare minimum... and 400-500 monitors were the ones worth this price...