Dungeon Siege 3 Gets Dated This Spring

After nearly five years since the release of Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World, the third installment to Chris Taylor's popular action/RPG franchise is finally heading to the Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 31, 2011.

Unlike the previous installments, Dungeon Siege 3 was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. The game will also be published under a new roof-- Square Enix-- rather than Microsoft Game Studios (2K Games actually published the Dungeon Siege 2 expansion). Originally Gas Powered Games developed the first two Dungeon Siege chapters and their expansion packs.

That said, what will the classic action/RPG franchise offer gamers with a new developer and publisher at the helm? There's at least one small glimmer of hope: Chris Taylor, the creator of the original Dungeon Siege, served as an adviser during the game's development. Square Enix also seems to think Dungeon Siege 3 will be the best yet.

"Dungeon Siege has returned and it’s better than ever," said Ami Blaire, vice president of marketing at Square Enix, Inc. "We [Square Enix] have partnered with Obsidian to bring this critically acclaimed classic franchise back in an all new, re-imagined form. With its heart-pounding action, epic lore and an endless variety of quests, Dungeon Siege 3 is a must-have for any video game collection."

Five retailers are now offering pre-order programs for Dungeon Siege 3, serving up various goodies for gamers who reserve their copies early. The list is as follows:


  • Receive two exclusive in-game items by pre-ordering at GameStop
  • Burning Band of Scorch: This exclusive pre-order in-game ring increases the raw damage of a player’s attacks and sets all foes ablaze with any weapon.
  • Talisman of the Grand Mage: This exclusive pre-order in-game necklace reduces incoming damage on the player and grants the ability to lash out with a mystical attack that injures enemies in close-range combat.


  • Relive the classic DUNGEON SIEGE I and DUNGEON SIEGE II games as a gift with purchase through Steam
  • Players who prepurchase DUNGEON SIEGE III will get three games for the price of one, as Valve will offer single-player versions of both DUNGEON SIEGE I and DUNGEON SIEGE II as free downloads for PC platforms.


  • Receive a limited pre-order exclusive in-game ring
  • Bite of the Arakun: Grants the player the ability to poison enemies with lingering injury or soften their defenses, leaving them vulnerable for follow-up attacks.

Best Buy

  • Another exclusive pre-order in-game amulet
  • Sacred Heart of the Legion: Increases a player’s health and pushes close combat assailants back each time the bearer is struck in battle.


  • Mini-comic and strategy guide
  • Pick up the DUNGEON SIEGE mini-comic from Dark Horse Comics and a free mini-strategy guide from Prima Games with a pre-order at Walmart.
  • freespace303
    Sounds like Gamestop has the best deal. I want to buy it through steam, but could care less about the first two games, as I've played them already.
  • On the contrary, I think Wal-Mart has the better deal. You get two physical items you can display on your shelf rather than virtual items you will only use until something better drops.

    On another note, being developed by Obsidian and ported to consoles makes me very wary of this game. Neverwinter Nights 2 was a far cry from the original, and the expansions just got worse with each release.
  • f4nt4sm4
    notsureaboutds3On another note, being developed by Obsidian and ported to consoles makes me very wary of this game. Neverwinter Nights 2 was a far cry from the original, and the expansions just got worse with each release.Agreed. I'm expecting something like Dragon Age mixed with diablo II's controls, but hell, I'll buy it.
  • alidan
    i want to buy it, than pirate all the "Exclusive" dlc, i hate when they split it up like this.
  • Von Death
    Nothing scares me like seeing a beloved PC game sequel developed to run on consoles. If DS3 is forever ruined b/c of xbox/ps3 it will be a sad day for PC gamers. Stay true, Chris Taylor, stay true.
  • wribbs
    You can have your Dragon Age 2 and Battlefield 3. This is the one I'm excited for. I find the exclusive preorder specials anoying though.
  • stingstang
    It had just be as good as the first one. Amazing graphics, awesome characters, awesome storyline...and then the second one had none of those. Talk about a broken heart.
  • bildo123
    Wonder how this'll compare to Path of Exile...Although we know Diablo 3 > All. Either way, a nice time killer in the meantime.