Eurocom Shipping First Hexacore i7-980X Laptop

Eurocom is known for cramming the latest technology into small-ish form factors; it was the first to offer a Core-i7 notebook, for example. The D900F Phantom i7 was a mobile workstation and featured a 17-inch display, Intel's Core i7 processer and X58 chipset as well as Nvdia's G280 GPU. The entire thing weighed a backbreaking 11.9 lbs. Not exactly something you could throw into your briefcase and take home in the evenings but it was mobile nonetheless.

Today Eurocom is offering another "it's-only-as-portable-as-you-are-strong" notebook. This one boasts Intel's six core i7-980X Extreme Edition or Xeon W5680 and is called the Eurocom D900F Panther. The mobile workstation features Nvidia Quadro FX OpenGL graphics, up to 24 GB of DDR3 and up to 2.6 TB of storage (across four HDDs). You've also got the usual bells and whistles like Ethernet, HDMI, eSATA, DVi Dual Link ports as well as a 17" WUXGA LCD display and full size keyboard.

Again, this is one hefty machine. Measuring 15.8" x 11.9" x 2.05" the Panther weighs in at "under 12lbs." As for price (you probably don't want to know), the base model rings up at just over $3,000. Yikes. More on Eurocom.

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  • mtyermom
    Awesome, it booted in only... aw, battery's dead.
  • RazberyBandit
    12lbs huh? Almost like carrying around a bowling ball. But if you drop this thing, you may only ever get 1 strike.
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  • Shadow703793
    Two words word: Power hog
  • mtyermom
    Awesome, it booted in only... aw, battery's dead.
  • scook9
    They keep acting like Eurocom designs these....they are just the reseller (which most people hate actually) that Clevo lets sell these.

    Clevo is doing the hard part not Eurocom