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OCZ's Fatal1ty Modular PSU Does 750W

PC gamers and enthusiasts looking for a high-performance power supply using low-profile, flat modular cabling may want to check out OCZ's latest Fatal1ty-branded release. Packing a tasty 750 watts, the PSU was obviously co-developed by twelve-time world champion Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, and designed to meet the needs of his fellow (n00b) gamers. He also threw glowing red LED lights into the new PSU, possibly so that PC gamers will feel like their twitch-based skills are on fire right before he snipes off their head.

Tuesday OCZ said that the new Fatal1ty 750W was built to withstand hours upon hours of gaming, performing even at an elevated temperature of up to 45°C, nearly twice that of the industry standard. The PSU also features maximum and efficient power distribution, a thermally controlled 135-mm double-ball bearing fan for airflow at near-silent audible noise levels, and multiple, user-friendly connectors for multiple drives and video cards. It's also energy efficient, converting up to a full 85-percent of AC to DC power at typical loads.

"Working with Fatal1ty to build the ultimate PSU for a high-performance gaming environment was a great experience," commented Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management at OCZ Technology. "Jonathan and OCZ share a common commitment to performance and reliability aimed at supporting the user in even the most intense competitive gaming and enthusiast environments. With the new Fatal1ty 750, gamers and power users alike can be confident their system is fueled by a top-notch PSU with the latest in technology and design."

Currently the Fatal1ty 750W power supply isn't listed online, however the previous 700W model sells for $105 to $135 USD at various outlets online. Newegg sells the 550W version for $70 USD here (opens in new tab).

  • idisarmu
    So sick! I think I will get the 550 watt one though when I build my first computer this summer. (School computer... it's going to be a productivity work horse.)
  • Silicon Jesus
    Putting Fatal1ty on something does not make me want to buy it. Having skills at some obsolete game does not make him a computer engineer.
  • kalogagatya
    so this means it will only support ATI cards? :P
  • huron
    Even though the article makes the specs seem respectable, having his name on it makes me want to buy it less. I'm not sure what it is about him, but all the items branded with his name turn me away...
  • matt87_50
    I got the 550 one, but I sold it (only cause I sold it to a friend at purchase price) because I was afraid I might need more power, also the cables were short, not great for cable management, hopefully they have fixed that with the new 750, because otherwise the 550 was awesome! very quite, no fan noise or electrical noise. I got the 700W one later, but it's just a re badged older model, and its 120mm fan was terribly noisy, thought it was a fault, but tried another and got the same result... got a Thermaltake TP eventually, but I miss the 550 OCZ!
  • grillz9909
    You could at least review the PSU. This whole article screams "They payed me to say this!" (even if they didn't)
  • aaron686
    This article looks like it was written with a gun up the editor's nose and a OCZ troll saying "write!, write!" LOL
  • dj1001
    these are just the modxstream pro psu with a red led fan and some fancy stickers

    this however is a good thing because the modxsteam psu's are great

    I've owned 2 and can't say anything bad about either of them
  • matt87_50
    lol, so we vote down anyone who might be positive on the product because "oh, they are tricking people into thinking it was made by Fa1ltal1ty, when really it wasn't, they're a phony, just a big fat phony!"

    yes, the 550 was a modxtreme with red lights, it was priced like a modxtreme with red lights! other PSU manufactures take an existing product, add lights and charge a bit more? so what? some people like the lights! I agree with what dj1001 says: the modxtreme psus are great! now you can get ones with lights for a bit more! yay! people who dismiss a product just because its got an irrelevant endorsement on it are just as bad as people who buy stuff just because its got an irrelevant endorsement on it.
  • Asinger93
    Am I the only one who is seeing a trend in Tom's Hardware articles lately? The few Lian Li and NZXT ones , to be specific. It seems that, as opposed to reporting on cutting edge technology that would be actualnews, they are reporting on random pieces of tech hardware. While it may be cool hardware, there is nothing new about a 750W or even modular power supply. Had it been a 1500W PSU, or one that had a massive 12V rail, that would be a different story. However, it appears to me that Tom's Hardware has been taking some sort of monetary compensation (cough) bribe (cough) for these articles.

    I used to view Tom's as a respectable news source. Now I see that I was wrong...