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Futuremark Reveals 3DMark 11; Screens & Video

Monday Futuremark announced that the latest edition of its popular benchmarking software, 3DMark 11, will be released in Q3 2010. The software was built in-house using a native DirectX 11 engine, ensuring that it will maintain its leadership as a solution in measuring the performance of DirectX 11-based gaming machines.

The trailer, seen below, demonstrates the use of DirectX 11 using an early build of the 3DMark 11 engine, and it simply looks awesome. "The Deep Sea trailer features submersibles exploring the sea floor," Futuremark explains. "Volumetric lighting illuminates the seabed with tessellation used to add rich detail to the rock, coral and man-made structures. Post processing delivers depth of field and other lens effects. The music is an original composition."

Futuremark said that it will display the 3DMark 11 Deep Sea tech demo at the MSI booth during Computex next week. In addition to the YouTube video, the company also provided images which we've added in the gallery listed to the right (click the screenshot).

"For over 10 years 3DMark has shown gamers what to expect from the next generation of real-time 3D graphics," said Jukka Mäkinen, Futuremark CEO, "So we are especially excited to announce 3DMark 11 and show the possibilities of DirectX 11 with the release of the Deep Sea trailer."

  • chris13th
    *Drool*. Too bad running that benchmark would catch my computer on fire.
  • xurwin
    looks promising
  • jednx01
    Someday games will look this good. :)
  • nforce4max
    chris13th*Drool*. Too bad running that benchmark would catch my computer on fire.
    They way its meant to be grilled. :P

    Looks interesting but two short to many any opinion (first assumptions. I'll stick with my vintage DX9 and DX10 cards.
  • SchizoFrog
    Surely with DX11 cards still in a massive minority of GPUs in current machines, aren't they shooting themselves in the foot here to only allow DX11? Or do they know something that we don't?

    And for all those who do have DX11 GPUs, good luck with the extra salt that is about to be rubbed in to your wounds... Such wonderful cards and no games to play with.
  • Tedders
    nforce4maxLooks interesting but two short to many any opinion.Wut?
  • nforce4max
    Hmm typo, left out the word make. Next time use full words not texting vocabulary.
    DO WANT!
  • zerapio
    nforce4maxHmm typo, left out the word make. Next time use full words not texting vocabulary.That's good practice in general.
  • jerreece
    I wish Futuremark would make games. And not the mini-FPS game they sell through Steam. I mean full out, games. That demo video of their underwater benchmark was beautiful. Imagine what they could do with their visuals if they put the work into developing different genres of games.