HIS Rolls Out Radeon HD 7850 IceQ X² Graphics Card

HIS is releasing two new graphics cards, both based on the AMD HD 7850 part. The two cards will be called the 7850 IceQ X² and the 7850 IceQ X² Turbo.

The cards are practically identical except for the clock speeds. The standard version will have a core clock speed of 860 MHz, while the Turbo version will be factory-overclocked to 1000 MHz. Both cards feature 2 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 4.8 GHz. The units also feature an 8-phase VRM design, which according to HIS, provides up to 66 percent more current that AMD's reference design.

The cooler on the cards is HIS's IceQ X² cooler, which has two 75 mm fans, copper heat pipes and an aluminum fin array. When running idle, the unit should be no louder than 28 dB. 

The card should retail soon, and while there is no official word on pricing yet, we can expect the unit to be priced to compete with the GTX 650 Ti Boost.

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  • smeezekitty
    I thought the 7850 was suppose to be replaced with the 7790.
  • Matsushima
    What! They have not heard of MSI Afterburner... Lower binned chips can still be overclocked to a certain extent though...
  • dudewitbow
    Anonymous said:
    I thought the 7850 was suppose to be replaced with the 7790.

    no, the 7850 1gb is going to be phased out. the 2gb models arent going anywhere anytime soon