VIDEO: The History of the HP Slate

HP and Microsoft have kept pretty quiet about the HP Slate that Steve Ballmer launched in Vegas earlier this month. Other than it being a Windows 7 device, there was little else to go on. Unfortunately it doesn't look like HP has plans to share more information anytime soon.

But, if you're desperate to see the device again and feel like a five minute history lesson, check out the video below. HP's CTO Phil McKinney tells viewers how the company started out with an ereader-like device five years ago and, over time, gradually built up the device to the "media-rich" tablet it is today.

Check it out and let us know if it sounds like something you'd buy!

HP Slate History

(via Endadget)

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  • masterasia
    Cool, but I'm waiting for the Apple Tablet. I want that OLED screen.
  • doomtomb
    d_kuhnI think the whole basis of the marketing pitch in that video (that we're all looking for a single device to integrate our media consumption on) is COMPLETELY wrong. People want the right device for what they're doing... if they're on the go then that thing is WAY too big, it needs to be phone sized and integrate cellular. If they're kicking back at home then they want the big screen and home theater to make them wonder why anyone bothers going to movies anymore. Tablets can fill a niche market for times when you're on the go but don't want to fight with a full laptop (meetings I think would be one place where they'd be handy), but they're not going to ever see the market opportunity of say the high end cell phones like the iPhone and Nexus One on the small end, and they'll never match the market size of dedicated media devices like large lcd's with ht sound on the large end.They're going to be niche devices, they should make money but the iPhone team isn't quaking in their boots dreading "Tablet" computers.

    The Apple "team" isn't quaking in their boots because they are releasing their own tablet device that will be the best anyway ;)

    I want the Apple tablet or any tablet really for school. I think it would be really nice to take notes in my lectures on a 10" tablet device. It is small enough to bring to class easily and put on my desk and during lunch I could catch some news online or watch a movie. I think it would be a great media device/e-reader but not good enough for daily tasks. It's the convenience and intuitiveness I expect. Hopefully it won't cost more than that's worth.
  • doomtomb
    doomtombbut not good enough for daily tasks.

    I mean only good enough for daily tasks.
    *Insert EDIT button rant*