Thermaltake Shows Off Iron Man Case Mod at Computex

During Computex this week, Thermaltake was displaying a highly modified Armor Revo Snow Edition PC case mod by Ron Lee Christianson. Essentially it's Iron Man squashed into a box form factor, his mask and glowing eyes consuming most of the front, staring at users with watchful slits while they carefully surf the Internet.

Case Mod Blog actually covered the case creation back in May. The project started with a "working" replica of Tony Stark's Arc Reactor which Ron created from scratch. Materials used in its construction included a sink strain, plexi glass, RC model airplane engine mount, LEDS and copper wire.

Next he hand-fabricated Iron Man's chest plate from 00.80 polystyrene and mounted the Arc Reactor in its circular seat. The combo was then mounted on the left side of the case against an image of Stark using the helmet's interface.

The panel on the right side includes a portion of Captain America's shield on the inside, paying homage to the brief references to Steve Rogers in the two Iron Man movies. The shield was constructed from 00.80 ABS plastic and given a custom painted effect of battle fatigue.

"The ending result on the right side panel was a perfect contrast to the overall theme. In the lower right corner of the panel is an external molex power hub that Ron also built from scratch," Case Mod Blog reports.

For more information about the case mod, head here. It's also on display over on Facebook here.

Thermaltake Iron Man Case Mod

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    i'm not that impressed
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    good enough for thermaltake.