Report: Upcoming Socket FM2+ Will Support Older Trinity and Richland APUs

Earlier we informed you that AMD is preparing a new socket called 'socket FM2+.' While we knew that this socket was built specifically for the Kaveri APUs, a new report now indicates that the socket will be backwards compatible with 'older' Trinity APUs, as well as the just-released Richland APUs.

The folks over at also managed to get a snapshot of the FM2+ socket that looks remarkably similar to the FM2 socket. The difference between the sockets lies in two pins, two that are covered on the FM2 socket, but uncovered on the FM2+ socket. This means that while 'older' Trinity and Richland APUs will drop right into the FM2+ socket, it also means that the upcoming Kaveri APUs will not fit, or work in the current FM2 socket -- pins will bend.

This is good news for owners of either Trinity or Richland APUs, because it means that if you want functionality found on newer boards, or if your current board breaks down, you have more cherries from which to pick.

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  • the1kingbob
    I would rather have been able to upgrade the CPU in an old computer than the motherboard. Though I guess some backwards compatibility is better then none. Go AMD!
  • digiex
    "This is good news for owners of either Trinity or Richland APUs...." It's really good news indeed since motherboard always breakdown ahead of the processor.
    Like with the case of the AM2/AM2+ processors, my processors AM2+ are still fine but I can no longer find an AM2/AM2+ motherboard. In this case it's the other way around, you can fit an AM3 CPU in an AM2/AM2+ motherboard but AM3 motherboards are not compatible with AM2/AM2+ CPU's because of the DDR2 to DDR3 transition of the built-in memory controller.
  • de5_Roy
    i guess it's a glass half full/empty situation.
    if you have a trinity/richland apu and your mobo breaks, you can get an fm2+ mobo. glass half full.
    if you have a socket fm2 motherboard, you cannot upgrade to a higher performance kaveri apu because kaveri might be backwards incompatible. glass half empty.
    i think majority of trinity/richland powered pc owners would have wanted a way to upgrade their apu without buying a new motherboard. so it's mostly glass half empty.