FREE: Left 4 Dead for 24 Hours, Starting Today!

Valve has revealed a special offer called L4D Freaky Friday. Basically you’re getting 24 hours of Left 4 Dead for free with no obligation to buy. Your free trial will include access to the recently released Survival Pack DLC which introduces a new multiplayer game mode and two addition versus campaigns.

The way it’s going to work (we can assume), is that users pre-load everything at some stage between now and Friday and they’ll be allowed play for 24 hours before being faced with some kind of ‘insert coins here’ screen that offers them the chance to buy L4D, thereby unlocking the game so they can continue playing.

Check out the full post from Steam below.

“Beginning Friday at 12:01 am GMT, the PC version of Left 4 Dead will be available for a free 24-hour trial via Steam. The free trial will include access to the recently released Survival Pack DLC, which introduces a new multiplayer game mode and two additional Versus campaigns. Those who wish to give L4D and the Survival Pack a try may now pre-load everything needed to play with no obligation to purchase.”

We’re still not exactly sure if the 12:01 GMT start time applies to customers in the U.S. but we’ve emailed our Valve guy and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. We’d figure it would make sense to get everyone hooked by offering them the chance to play all day, then reel ‘em in at a minute past midnight on Friday when everyone is all geared up and ready to play through the weekend. The GMT start time will put us at a pacific start time of 16:01 on Thursday with an end time of 16:01 on Friday. Guess Freaky Thursday doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

  • Stupid SA...our bandwidth will be done by the time we get excited in the game play....
  • radiowars
    Nice, people who haven't played should try L4D. You'd be suprised how awesome it really is.
    It's BETTER than people say lol.
  • tenor77
    Now there is no excuse for not having played this game.

    Yes it is that awesome, but don't come in thinking you can do it on your own, or else you will you will be that corpse dangling from my smokers tounge in versus.
  • Pei-chen
    I want them to reduce the price to $9.99 so I'll just buy it and play for years. Paid $19.99 for TF2 when I can get the box for $9.99.
  • eklipz330
    aww crap, now all the servers are gonna be filled with noobs wasting away the molotovs and pipe bombs in the first wave....

    I guess ill just have to play city of heroes for free this weekend =
  • eklipz330
    and what's up with this new horrendous format? where's my awesome avatar?
  • theuerkorn
    Great, but wouldn't the Demo fill the same need?
  • NuclearShadow
    I encourage anyone who doesn't have it already to give it a try. Its a great game that keeps getting better.
  • Kill@dor
    I haven't tried it yet...playing gears way too much and i need a change. I will probably newb it, but it doesn't take me long to get good. I already understand the rules, i just need to get in the action now ^_^
  • JMcEntegart
    eklipz330and what's up with this new horrendous format? where's my awesome avatar?WHERE IS IT JANE?
    Apparently it gives you guys faster page loads but I don't think anyone likes it. I miss the avatars, too. Don't panic, though. Word on the street is the avatars could make a come back, just smaller. Compromise and all that.

    And dude, FYI, your avatar is ooold. The Dark Knight was awesome and all, but the whole why so serious thing is officially done.