Toshiba Building World's Lightest 13-inch Laptop

Engadget reports that Toshiba is working on the world's lightest 13-inch laptop that will supposedly be powered with a Super Charged ion Battery (SCiB). Although pricing and release dates were not provided, reports indicate that the laptop will be available in Core i3, i5, and i7-620 configurations. The device will also feature 4 GB of memory, a 500 GB HDD or an optional (and pricier) 512 GB SSD.

"After talking to vozExpress, we have every reason to believe that Toshiba will be making this official in short order," Engadget said. The report also lists an LCD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a USB 3.0 dock, and Blaze Mountain cooling, all of which will somehow be crammed into a thin, light chassis weighing just over 2 pounds.

The SCiB should make things interesting for the laptop, especially if it doesn't come with other unique features that will make it stand out on the market. The SCiB was first introduced back in 2008, and at the time if could charge up to 90-percent in just ten minutes. For consumers who are constantly on the go with their data, documents, and multimedia, the short recharge span is definitely a good thing.

As Engadget points out, stay tuned for something more official to come across the line soon. 

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  • sliem
    Soon in near future: Laptop blown away by mild wind gust, broke; Owner sues maker
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  • sliem
    Soon in near future: Laptop blown away by mild wind gust, broke; Owner sues maker
  • mianmian
    I heard that SCiB battery has only 1/3 of the power density of regular lithium battery. Toshiba had made some magic?
  • cadder
    i3 and up, 2 pounds, and new battery technology all sound very exciting.

    I have a fairly new Toshiba T135 that is closer to 3 pounds, less processor power, but it is a great laptop for travel because it is relatively small and feels real light. I think lots of people that look at netbooks should buy one of these instead. (Toshiba, Lenovo and HP all make similar models.)