Leap Motion Control Technology Shipping with New Asus PCs

The developers behind Leap Motion have been relatively quiet since the company showed off an impressive tech demo displaying the Leap Motion's amazingly accurate motion control detection. Now, half a year later, the company's announced a partnership with Asus. Leap Motion technology will be shipping with Asus's All-in-One PCs and high-end notebooks later this year.

Leap Motion's plans are a little more ambitious than just partnerships with Asus. The company hopes to revolutionize the ways people interact with computers. "As OEMs adopt 3-D motion control technology, they're spurring a rapid evolution in computer interface innovations and helping free the full power and potential of computing for consumers," said Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald. "This historic partnership with ASUS is an important step in building global adoption of the new computing paradigm Leap Motion's technology offers. We're delighted that ASUS shares our outlook on the future of human/computer interaction."

Microsoft's Kinect was the first step to truly achieving gesture-based control. Unfortunately, the Kinect's sensor isn't accurate enough to detect individual finger movement. The Leap Motion, however, claims to be accurate up to 1/100ths of a millimeter with no discernible lag. The possibilities for the technology beyond everyday computing—3D modeling, medical technology—are endless.

The Leap Motion is still available for preorder via its official website for $69.99 (sans shipping cost, which is an additional $5.99 at the very least).


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  • Estix
    Didn't Asus have their own motion control tech they were touting for a while?
  • Anonymous
    Yes, I can't wait to "leap" around the room like an idiot to control my PC.

    Just because it requires far more advanced technology to implement does not mean it is easier to use than say, pressing a button!

    It's pretty sad that computers are actually going to become Slower and more cumbersome to use, just for the novelty of motion gestures and touch interfaces for doing Everything.

    Case in point, I believe there was just an article today on Toms about the new interface by Cadillac. Also, remember the Power Glove anyone?

    Wait until they force you to wave your arms around like an idiot just to change your TV channel.
  • Onihikage
    I can see the Leap being very useful for making 3D modeling a little easier for beginners to get into.