Lian Li's T1 Pitstop PC Case Looks Like a Spider

It takes a lot to produce a really innovative computer case. Sure, enthusiasts produce a lot of great case-mods but for every truly great chassis we see from a manufacturer, there are ten 'nothing special' cases.

We're not sure if the T1 Pitstop from Lian Li falls into the great or 'meh' category, but they sure did go all out marketing. The T1 Pitstop is an open air a Mini-ATX case with room for a full size PSU. Oh and it's shaped like a spider.

Check out the extremely cheesy and slightly annoying video below.

  • vercingetorix_64
    it seems slightly original and totally useless
  • batkerson
    Cheesy is a gross understatement for describing this video. And I thought Hollywood was bad!
  • gwolfman
    Too bad there aren't any mini-ITX motherboards that can overclock well enough to where one would need to use liquid nitrogen. Lol!
  • kikireeki
    Sorry but that was some stupid ad!
  • Just the PC case for Erwin the AI to use (from UserFriendly.Org)

    Add a couple of robotic arms & hands to case and Erwin would probably be running around shooting everyone in sight or he'd be up to some other kind of mischief!
  • Dawgsoverrebs
    "Check out the extremely cheesy and slightly annoying video below."

    What an understatement
  • megamanx00
    Cheesy, but funny. The Case is way more awesome than the ad :D. Would be cool for an HTPC ^_^
  • buddhav1
    cough cough, antec skeleton, cough cough. just another throwaway case that maybe 5 people will enjoy.
  • icepick314
    was I the only one who expected the case look like a Terminator?
  • memeroot
    I could go for this case... if they realy make it