Amazon's LoveFilm Now Offering HD Streaming in UK

LoveFilm, Amazon's own on-demand video company, seems to be constantly signing new deals and partnerships. And, with Netflix now firmly installed in the UK market, it's easy to understand why. This week, the company has confirmed that Universal would be the next studio to join its long line of partnering companies and yesterday, LoveFilm announced the arrival of HD content.

LoveFilm Instant customers in the UK can now view content in full 1080p high definition via Mac or PC, while members using their Xbox 360 or Samsung and LG connected HDTVs will be watching at 720p resolution. In Germany, HD content will be available initially on PC and Mac in full 1080p high definition. Any content available in HD will automatically stream in 1080p if your connection can support it. Members require a minimum speed of 4mbps for 720p and 12mbps for 1080p.

LoveFilm is promising an expanding catalogue of HD content, so expect more stuff to crop up over time, but the company named Twilight, Gnomeo and Juliet, Four Lions, LOST, Ghost Whisperer, Human Planet, and Planet Earth specifically in its release. 

The news follows LoveFilm's recent announcement that, for the first time, the company saw streaming overtake DVD rentals. The company revealed in late March that LoveFilm customers in February streamed more content than they had rented. According to LoveFilm, the number of films and TV episodes streamed online through internet-connected devices exceeded the number of DVDs, Blu-rays and games rented by over 20 percent. This represented an increase of 400 percent over the same month last year.

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  • daglesj
    Now all we need is something worth watching on it.

    You can watch all the stuff that's worth watching in a day and then unsubscribe.

    Not very good.
  • elcentral
    i need a steam like service for movies. i need it to be able to go offline and offer ALOT of movies series all in at least 1080p if the movie/series supports it, before im getting series investments in it.