MSI Ships All-In-One PC This Month

For consumers who like everything crammed into one package, MSI has your tasty ticket with the new NetOn AP1900 AIO PC.

Originally showcased at CES '09, MSI's new all-in-one PC, the NetOn AP1900, will officially hit retail shelves later this month as reported by TechConnect Magazine (although a thorough search of MSI's press release archive has yet to reveal such a claim). According to the site, the NetOn focuses on office workers, the educational segment, businesses, and shops. Featuring an 18.5-inch WXGA LCD capable of up to 1366x768 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio, the NetOn not only frees up space with its compact all-in-one design, but provides the business and educational end-user the processing power they need.

Under the hood, the NetOn sports the 1.6 GHz Atom N270 CPU, Intel's 945GSE chipset, integrated graphics, 1 GB of SODIMM DDR2 RAM and a 160 GB hard drive. The package also features a Super Multi DVD drive, a fixed 1.3 megapixel webcam, a 4-in-1 card reader, two 3w speakers, and WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet connections. Completing the package is a 35mm thick secsi black shell equipped with a VESA wall mount bracket. The NetOn also comes bundled with a keyboard and mouse, and is Energy Star 5.0 compliant, with a noise level less than 24 dB.

"MSI NetOn AP1900 is the first All-In-One MSI desktop system," said the company. "It is equipped with Intel Atom processor, which helps to improve performance and to save energy. The MSI NetOn AP1900 has an excellent electronic circuit design, which consumes only 35 Watts at full speed operation. It can save up to 86% of power in a 24-hour period, compared to normal desktop computers that consume at least 250 Watt. MSI NetOn AP1900 is a registered system for EPEAT and is Energy Star 5.0 certified. Next to that, the system produces less than 26dB of noise due to the advanced technology, even during intensive computing applications."

The specs also state that the computer comes with Windows XP Home installed, and has four USB 2.0 ports built-in. Look for NetOn AP1900 all-in-one PC later this month.

Not a fan of tying the life of a monitor to the hardware? Check out the MSI WindBox.

  • SneakySnake
    The atom CPU, intel graphics and 1 GB of RAM isnt "giving people the processing power they need". Its giving them the bare minimum. Upgrade that to an E5200, 2 GB of RAM, and a 9400 GT, and you give the average consumer a good computer, which is signigicantly better then the specs listed here, for not to much more money
  • falchard
    Better not cost more then $200, because that thing is a PoS.
  • StupidRabbit
    falchardBetter not cost more then $200, because that thing is a PoS.
    PoS is the same thing i had in mind. whats to stop people from buying a eeebox or whatever its called and a cheap and better monitor? another machine for grandma..
  • aapocketz
    these computers are for simple business applications. Have you ever been in a library where they have the computers that only run IE and just show the library catalog search webpage? Its for stuff like that.

    BTW, I have used a 9400GT 512m and it was pretty slow. The fan never seemed to throttle down so it made my computer twice as loud (ntune wasn't able to do much with it either). I would have been better off with an integrated graphics package.
  • zak_mckraken
    When I began reading the article I was thinking : "finally, a worthy PC equivalent of the iMac". That feeling didn't last long with those specs! As falchard, maybe if it's priced low it can find a spot on the market. Reallistically, with a 18.5in monitor and XP Home, it could go around 350$.
  • curnel_D
    This thing could possibly save schools and buisnesses tons of money.
  • pug_s
    The applications of these all in one pc's are very limited because of the speed of the processors. For $10 or $20 more, they could've used Intel t2330's or any other pentium dual core low cost low tdp processors and would be used for Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • I think these computers are good when idling matter.
    Upgrading to a higher processor isn't as beneficial as mentioned;
    there's the MUCH higher powerdraw (in the likes of 10X higher than the Atom processor) for only what 2x-5xbetter performance?
    The Atom processor runs XP and Linux perfectly, and can on top of that do internet browsing perfectly!
    The perfect granma pc! Besides, the Atom processor pc totally outperforms any P3 pc out there!
    Not only in performance, but also in power consumption.
    The Atom uses 4W TDP. Most Core2Duo CPU's use more than 25W TDP,some nearing 60-80WTDP.
    Changing the CPU for library computers, or pc's for people that just check their mails once a month is not beneficial.
    Neither for the business where employees need to input data in programs like SAP or other text based programs.
    Can you imagine a company running 100x Atom pc's running @ 30W (monitor included) compared to running 100x Core2Duo pc's running @ 80W per pc?
    The former you can plug all of them into one electric socket without the fuse blowing (3.000W)!
    The latter is 8.000W.
    that's 5kwh difference. calculate 5kwh x 5cent = $.25 per hour this company needs to pay less electricity.
    x8 hours x 200 days = $400 per year on electricity savings at least!
    Not to mention the savings on the purchase of one pc.

    I had wished someone could create a poulsbo driver; or MSI using the Nano platform. The power lost on the GMA chipset is about as much as the power lost on the Nano's better graphics card.

    I'll wait for a while to see perhaps AMD comes out with a wonderful sub 50nm process platform, or go for the Nano platform.
    That one would not only allow better graphics, but I believe is better than current GMA chipset (which is limited to 400Mhz DDR Ram?)
  • jrabbitb
    curnel_DThis thing could possibly save schools and buisnesses tons of money.
    no, because it wont be able to do much after a year, or even in the first year. the thing just isnt very strong. most schools have monitors/keyboards already. they'd be better off buying something like an EeeBox or the like, something with a real processor.

    schools need to look at the upgrade paths (because lets face it, they arn't going to linux in mass yet)
  • russofris
    "It is equipped with Intel Atom processor, which helps to improve performance"....

    Improve performance over what? A slower Atom processor? A 486? An empty socket?