MSI Reveals the Wind Top AE2212G All-in-One PC

The AE2212 and the AE2212G both feature a 1920 x 1080 LED backlit anti-glare panel, over which an optional touch screen film can be placed. The optional touchscreen would be 10-point multitouch.

MSI's new AE2212G/AE2212 comes standard with Windows 8, which in combination with the touchscreen, could provide a good computing experience. While most displays have corners that are inaccessible for fingers, MSI's new 22" All-in-One PC is frameless. Thus users can slide their fingers right over the corners, making the system a lot more accessible.

Both the AE2212G and AE2212 ship with Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs, have a couple of USB 3.0 ports, and come with a mouse and keyboard. They also come with a built-in 1 TB 3.5" drive and 802.11b/g/n wireless. They weigh just over 10 KG (about 22.74 lbs) and both support the 75 x 75 mm VESA standard as an option. Lastly, the unit also has an HDMI in port, allowing users to utilize the computer as just a display as well.

The AE2212 will use the CPU's integrated graphics, while the AE2212G will carry an Nvidia GT630M 2 GB graphics card.

Availability will start in Europe by the end of March, with no word on U.S. availability at the time of writing.

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  • DarkSable
    Good GOD!

    Why in the world is EVERYONE suddenly putting out "gaming all-in-one" computers?
    Especially when they can barely handle powerpoint....
  • walter87
    DarkSableGood GOD!Why in the world is EVERYONE suddenly putting out "gaming all-in-one" computers?Especially when they can barely handle powerpoint....

    Geforce GT630M (Mobile) is not a gaming oriented graphics card. Very low end and designed and targeted more for casual computing or small office type work. This isn't a workstation or gaming computer.
  • dalethepcman
    The dedicated gaming pc, will play farmville at 100FPS!!!

    Its Amazing!