Stream Windows 7 to iPad via OnLive App

Tuesday during the D: Dive Into Mobile conference, OnLive CEO Steve Perlman took the stage and revealed the company's goal to take it's cloud-based streaming service beyond gaming and video. While we've previously reported that a video streaming service is planned for a 2011 launch, Perlman quickly proved on-stage that OnLive is taking cloud computing to the next level.

The plan, according to AllThingsD who hosted the OnLive presentation, is to turn almost any device into a console for the cloud system. Users will eventually be able to virtually run applications that exceed the computing limits of the device at hand. As an example, users will have the ability to create 3D models in Maya using Apple's iPad.

To prove this, Perlman whipped out his iPad on-stage and showed the audience that he could run Windows 7 via OnLive's cloud connection within Apple's iOS. He then launched Internet Explorer and surfed over to the Flash-heavy Mercedes website-- all streamed to the iPad via an OnLive datacenter located about 50 miles from San Francisco.

Perlman then paused for a moment with the iPad demonstration and whipped out the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab. He then showed the audience that he could run Quicktime Video by using OnLive's cloud computing. "Perlman says none of the applications are running natively. He says all that’s happening is a tiny app is running to decompress video," reads AllThingsD's transcript.

Eventually Perlman moved back to the iPad and launched Autodesk's Maya on the iPad via OnLive. He began to edit a 3D character while someone else was spectating the editing process through the OnLive app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although the spectator wasn't able to join in the editing process, Perlman indicated that the ability may be available in the future.

To read the entire transcript, head here. Does this mean that high hardware requirements for software will soon be a thing of the past for consumers?

  • elel
    Now this is something actually interesting from onlive
  • mister g
    Seems a little early since OnLive just launched their little gaming device for the TV, still go OnLive.
  • Albyint
    mister gSeems a little early since OnLive just launched their little gaming device for the TV, still go OnLive.
    Technology grows to fast to start late to the game IMO. Onlive is better off being an innovator and envelope pusher. This is taking cloud computing to where it should be. Going from gaming and simple internet connectivity, to full scale computing and productivity capable tasks. Cant wait to see it in action/mass production etc etc.
  • Nexus52085
    toallthehatersI have read the forum classification rules section and call me a troll, see if I care. And I fucking hate windows. I hate that fat belly pot belly pig Ballmer making millions on a relic. Just like IBM, MS will find itself obsolete. Mark. My. Words. I cannot understand why an upstanding forum of tech such as Tom has such a cult following of such a piece of shit OS. They have screwed up over and over but people still love what the defecate. Learn a new OS... android, OSX, chrome. Windows is yesterday.
    Uhh... Macintosh is older than Windows. If anything, Learn Linux or Windows, not an OS with limited functionality. It sucks that someone would come in here and present himself as a tech guy and can't see the value in open OS's like Windows and Linux.
  • sandmanwn
    toallthehatersI hate that Funny name for a hater. Do you hate yourself now?
  • JasonAkkerman
    I thought there was an RDP (MS Remote Desktop) app for iPhone/iPad.

    I run my Windows 7 desktop on my WinMo phone all the time. Why use a third party to access your desktop?
  • Gamer-girl
    Until another OS supports all the games i play, I'll stick to windows.

    Another point OnLive is only good for people with high data caps or unlimited usage. In a country where 10GB a month cost $50 - not such great idea.
  • servarus
    I still prefer to run things natively.
  • dEAne
    Does this mean that high hardware requirements for software will soon be a thing of the past for consumers?

    More likely, but the transition will be messy.
  • gti88
    I stil can't imagine someone to work with 3d on a 10" screen.