Microsoft Reveals ''Where's the Any Key?'' Website

If you're reading Tom's Hardware you've probably had to do over-the-phone tech support for a family member or friend at least once before. If you're smart, you did it once and have been using caller ID to avoid helping people ever since. However, if you're just too kind to let your mum, dad, aunt, uncle or grandma suffer through their computer problems alone, you likely have a lot of great stories about the various different 'problems' they've encountered.

Microsoft knows how you feel; the company has launched a "Where's the 'Any' key?" website, which gives people like us the chance to vent and share our stories. Each week a winner is chosen (via voting from visitors to the site) and he or she receives a $100 gift card for the Microsoft store. Runners up receive a $30 gift card and Microsoft says the 'star prize' is a Sony Vaio X laptop. Each week the winning story is turned into a comic and displayed on the front page. If your story wins, you'll also receive a framed copy of the comic.

Have you got any good tech support stories? Submit them to Microsoft or add them in the comments below!

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  • verenos
    After this one i actually just took the rest of the day off! -

    Five years ago I was working for an electronics store as in store tech support. I received a call on a Monday morning from a frantic woman who just purchased a notebook from us about a month before. She was in a state of panic and after about 10 min of calming her down I was able to find out what she was so worried about. She asked me over the phone if the computer virus that her computer has will infect her other family members! After another 10 to 15 min I was able to understand what all the panic was about, when a screen came up the she was infected and not taking action could cause other infections she had locked herself in the room and would not allow her family in. This happened on a Sunday night at about 10 pm so she slept in the room and waited for out store to open because she assumed we were the only people that she could ask about the computer. After another half hour of assuring her that it would not hurt her family she let them in and returned the computer.
  • moomooman
    Back when I was doing internet support:

    "Ok how long is the cable between the modem and the phone socket?"

    "I dont know, a few years".
  • Camikazi
    gsacksCD-ROM drive != cup holder. Nuff said.(No, I've never known anyone to actually do this, but I'm sure some of the stories are true).My uncle was firmly convinced however, that the McAfee software which came pre-installed on his PC was a virus he got from browsing the internet because it kept popping up warning messages at him, and he wanted me to remove it. It took at least 30 minutes to explain that, no, that software is protecting you from viruses.

    I would side with him that McAfee was a virus myself :P
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  • nforce4max
    Chicken feed, you MicroSoft can do better.
  • moomooman
    Back when I was doing internet support:

    "Ok how long is the cable between the modem and the phone socket?"

    "I dont know, a few years".
  • digiex