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Asus, PrimeSense Reveals Motion Sensing for PC

Both ASUS and PrimeSense announced on Monday a joint project that will bring motion sensing controls to the PC, thus possibly debunking any rumors that Microsoft will eventually bring Windows-based support for the Xbox 360's Kinect motion sensing device.

According to both companies, the WAVI Xtion for the PC will utilize PrimeSense's core 3D sensing solution already licensed by Microsoft for Kinect. The difference will be that the PC-oriented device will be developed primarily for browsing multimedia content, accessing Web sites and social networks when the PC is hooked up to the living room TV.

In addition to the device, ASUS will offer the world's first PC-exclusive 3D sensing professional development solution-- Xtion PRO-- slated for a February 2011 launch. This toolset will allow software developers to create their own gesture-based application and software. That said, it's likely that PC game developers will incorporate the technology into future PC games, possibly adding gesture-based movements in MMORPGs and FPS titles.

"ASUS combines its wireless cross-room solution with PrimeSense’s simple, intuitive, gesture-based control technology to allow users to enjoy and share PC content on TV with gestures," said Kent Chien, General Manager, ASUS. "WAVI Xtion is the unprecedented living room experience that will revolutionize users' recreational lives. Natural Interaction’s appeal to consumers means more monetization opportunities based on personalization, various branding and advertising programs inside applications."

Monday's announcement also revealed that a WAVI Xtion store will be available where developers can sell their new motion-controlled applications directly to consumers. The system is expected to launch in Q2 2011, however ASUS and PrimeSense have yet to reveal pricing.

PrimeSense and ASUS will introduce WAVI Xtion and Xtion PRO at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 6-9 in Las Vegas. Expect the pricing details to be revealed sometime during the show.