Ouya Now Accepting Non-Kickstarter Preorders

Android indie console Ouya has just finished successfully fundraising for its Kickstarter, which closed at $8,596,475, garnering the console the second spot on the most-raised spot in Kickstarter.

For whatever reason, if you didn't get a chance to throw your money into the Kickstarter, you still have a chance to preorder the console before it lands next year. You can find the preorder details at Ouya's website.

The preorder will set you back $109 if you're in the U.S. and $119 international, just a tad pricier than Kickstarter adopters who are only shelling out $99. You'll be paying for the console, along with one controller. Unfortunately, Kickstarter donors have a leg up on those who preorder now, as they'll be getting the console in March 2013, a whole month before current preorder customers.

The Ouya was first dubiously received earlier when it was unveiled just a few weeks back. However, the well-known industry names behind the console, along with a clever deal with OnLive, has turned many doubtful about the indie console's success into believers.

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  • Anonymous
    I still don't get the fascination with a piece of hardware that would've been decent 12 years ago.
  • antilycus
    Right now, the hardware is more advanced than the developers. The greatest technology con, ever, is that more cores = more power however the limitation is still pipelines, registers and cache. Regardless of the amount of cores, these are still the underlying issues. Right now the limitation is the GPU (just like computers) not the CPU. The Tegra chipset is geared towards this. TV's don't go higher than 1080p so there is no need for 2400x1600 w/ 8x AA. TV consoles aren't PC's. I think OUYA is great. 99 bucks and if/when the next DX/OpenGL come out, release the next OUYA for 99 bucks again. Not 600 that only multi million dollar corps can make games for.
  • whimseh
    No thanks, I would never waste money on a crappy Android machine when I've got my awesome PC that beats out all consoles 10x over.