Record DDR3 Memory Overclock on ASRock Micro-ATX Mobo

A team of overclockers consisting of Nick Shih, John Lam, and Splave has managed to set a world record for overclocking DDR3 memory. Nick Shih is ASRock's own overclocker. The motherboard that the team has used is the ASRock Z87M OC Formula and, clearly, it is living up to its name. This motherboard is a Micro-ATX motherboard that is targeted at overclockers and gamers.

The overclock that the team managed to achieve is, behold, a staggering 2142.8 MHz (effectively 4285.6 MHz). This feat was accomplished at the overclocking show at Computex. The memory module that was used was a Team Group Xtreem LV-2666 module, 4 GB in size. Timings were set at 14-31-31-50.

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  • bigshootr8
    at this point though what does it really do performance wise. I get it processing wise but with ram speed I'm just a bit confused with how applications are now days are you really going to improve things a ton with memory speeds at this point I know the number is nuts but still question remains.
  • brandonjclark
    This is all about marketing. They literally pay these guys to OC in hopes of a ROI.
  • Sonny73N
    Hmm... How fast does 4285.6 MHz 14-31-31-50 compare to my 1333MHz 7-7-7-21?