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Microsoft Confirms Project Natal for October

Redmond has confirmed leaks that pointed toward an October launch for the company's motion sensing gaming peripheral, Project Natal. According to, Microsoft Saudi marketing manager Syed Bilal Tariq said the device will be launching "somewhere in October."

Tariq was asked when the device would be launching in Saudi Arabia; the marketing manager replied that it would launch at the same time as the rest of the world. Tariq said that Microsoft would be in a position to confirm an exact date at E3 in June. Presumably E3 will also bring us a new, official, retail name for the peripheral.

  • mister g
    Hope there'll be good games that also come with this, maybe a 3d firmware would be good too! (psych, not with the XBOX's DVD drive)
  • bourgeoisdude
    Presumably E3 will also bring us a new, official, retail name for the peripheral.
    I know MS is into this sort of thing, but by this time the name is stuck. Why not keep the name Natal? It may not describe the device in any meaningful way, but even my parents have heard of it now.
  • Userremoved
    I would like to see an FPS use this gadget.
    Sweet! Finally, a reason to buy a XBOX 360 other than Halo 3 and other newer Halo games.
  • thejester420
    I could see this device really adding to games but I think using it as a stand alone controller will not workout so good. I think the Move will have better success.
  • pr0m3th3us
    I can't wait for NATAL!!!!!
  • 360 is already 3D capable. They demonstrated a Avata game in 3D in one of the gaming expo's in New Zealand.
  • moeswow
    I've gotten a chance to play with Project Natal during an xbox exclusive event to test it out. It has pretty good 1:1 motion capture. I got an opportunity to talk to a few devs and they said that the device is slated to bring in a more family oriented experience which will have greater appeal to younger and older consumers.... I also asked about FPS games and how it would work with that. They said that Natal can be used i conjunction with a controller and wouldnt be surprised if they allowed players to make their characters poke heads around corners and such. Also the voice activated commands are pretty cool. Xbox play movie... Xbox pause and such. Im expecting it to be a hit.
  • Wheat_Thins
    To much input lag to even be useful.

  • Kahless01
    wrongo. G4 was talking about this last night. the guy doesnt work for microsoft and its the same lameass saudi PR guy that has given multiple wrong release dates on games. it might be out in october but this guy does not work for microsoft, he works for a third party that works with microsoft.