QuakeCon: Where is Doom 4?

Back on May 7, id Software announced that it had begun production on Doom 4, and that the company expanded its internal team of developers to work on the new project. Id Software also began accepting applications for job openings stemming from the project, looking for a lead animator, lead designer, a producer, and more. While no other details were provided, id Software said that Doom 4 was slated for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Naturally, fans waited patiently for new information, and looked to QuakeCon--currently underway in Grapevine, Texas--as a source of juicy news. However, id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead quickly rained on everyone's parade by avoiding the project altogether, promising that more details is to come...next year. "When we show it to you, you're going to love it," he told the crowd.

According to Shacknews, John Carmack wasn't quite so standoffish, revealing that the project represents "the most tightly managed approach" the company has ever used. He said that thanks to the work dumped into the id Tech 5 engine and Rage, the tools and technology for Doom 4 already exists (unlike Doom 3 which was developed along with the id Tech 4 engine).

Honestly, Doom 4 news was highly unlikely at QuakeCon given that the game just entered development. Still, Doom fans are surely clamoring for something Doom 4 just didn't provide: a fast and exciting shooter yanked straight out of hell.

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  • viometrix
    patiently awaiting doom 4 news.... still excited about it anyways
  • Anonymous
    2nd to last line probably should reference Doom 3.
    3rd paragraph has typo as well :
    "the most tightly managed approach" ?to? company has ever used.
  • Burodsx
    A couple of pictures of monsters or weapons would have been nice -- just enough to tease us.