QuakeCon: Where is Doom 4?

Back on May 7, id Software announced that it had begun production on Doom 4, and that the company expanded its internal team of developers to work on the new project. Id Software also began accepting applications for job openings stemming from the project, looking for a lead animator, lead designer, a producer, and more. While no other details were provided, id Software said that Doom 4 was slated for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Naturally, fans waited patiently for new information, and looked to QuakeCon--currently underway in Grapevine, Texas--as a source of juicy news. However, id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead quickly rained on everyone's parade by avoiding the project altogether, promising that more details is to come...next year. "When we show it to you, you're going to love it," he told the crowd.

According to Shacknews, John Carmack wasn't quite so standoffish, revealing that the project represents "the most tightly managed approach" the company has ever used. He said that thanks to the work dumped into the id Tech 5 engine and Rage, the tools and technology for Doom 4 already exists (unlike Doom 3 which was developed along with the id Tech 4 engine).

Honestly, Doom 4 news was highly unlikely at QuakeCon given that the game just entered development. Still, Doom fans are surely clamoring for something Doom 4 just didn't provide: a fast and exciting shooter yanked straight out of hell.

  • viometrix
    patiently awaiting doom 4 news.... still excited about it anyways
  • 2nd to last line probably should reference Doom 3.
    3rd paragraph has typo as well :
    "the most tightly managed approach" ?to? company has ever used.
  • Burodsx
    A couple of pictures of monsters or weapons would have been nice -- just enough to tease us.
  • Don't worry. Apparently, more details is to come . . .
  • megamanx00
    Rage isn't even out yet so I think it's too early to show anything from Doom 4. I'm sure ID will show something when they actually have something they feel is worth showing. I'm sure it will come out soon enough. After all, ID knows it' can't spend 12 years developing a game unlike some other developers :D.
  • mickey21
    Way too early to expect something. I know I wasnt. It would have been nice to have something for release though.
  • gto127
    I hope they keep doom 4 old school. Have the same monsters as the first 2 & have them look about the same except super deatiled. No team based missions in the main game but mabye on online optional missions. No super hard puzzels but find the keys without taking all day & hordes of monsters to kill off.
  • cletus_slackjawd
    Doom I was so revolutionary: the most realistic and suspenseful game I had ever played to that point and I was seriously hooked. I remember breaking a sweat for how the game really pulled you into the action. Doom 2 was truly a worthy successor, adding so much without changing the fundamentals. Doom 3 looked great, but it could never live up to the hype and glory of yore. Some parts shined but it more out of nostalgia that I played it and not for the pure lure of the gameplay or anything.
    I hope Doom 4 will somehow be ground breaking or simply tried and true. They would do well even now to re-release Doom 2 gameplay with updated graphics and sound. If not, then at least make physicals and completely destructable enviroment like the havok engine in RedFaction I
  • downer88
    I hope you're not seriously asking where Doom 4 is in as many months as it will take years to develop.
  • mrubermonkey
    Doom 4 will be based off of DirectX 9.0c when DirectX 11 will already be out according to what John Carmack has stated in past interviews. Doom 3 was about the graphics and was the Crysis of its day if anyone can remember those days anymore. This made sense since the Doom story is basically very simple and one would have trouble put a new spin on such a straightforward first person shooter. Since the same will probably apply to this fourth iteration, if not more so since this has been done three times before, graphics are going to be the greatest hope of success for this title. Here is the conundrum since much of what can be done easily or exclusively with DirectX 11 may be difficult or impossible to accomplish with DirectX 9.0c, what Doom 4 will be using, from the perspective of graphics. Maybe John Carmack was just kidding about it using DirectX 9.0c when it comes out, but if not then this game may turn out to be less then what it is hyped up to be. Hopefully it will at least incorporate triple buffering. Enough said.