Limited Edition Roccat Kone Pure Color Gaming Mouse Arrives

Roccat Studios said on Tuesday that its limited edition Kone Pure Color series of gaming mice is now available in stores. The peripherals arrive in three new colors: Inferno Orange, Polar Blue and Hellfire Red.

The company first introduced the limited edition mice back in March, saying they are a direct response to requests made by Roccat customers, including modifications to the peripherals' actual size. Their release is part of Roccat's "Year of the Kone," which celebrates the five-year anniversary of the company's very first product, the original Kone gaming mouse, launched back in 2008.

"The Kone Pure Color is a powerful weapon in the hands of gamers fighting for point-streaks, lanes and bases," the company said on Wednesday. "It is one of a series of limited edition products that will be released over the course of 2013."

The new Kone Pure Color mice run on a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor and come complete with 576 KB of on-board memory, an 8,200 DPI Pro-Aim laser sensor, high quality Omron switches, and features like Easy-Shift[+] technology, Easy-Aim and Roccat Talk. The original Kone form has also been slimmed down to 91 percent of the size while adding "even more competition-crushing power."

Roccat's new Kone Pure Color mice deliver a perfectly-weighted design, a soft-touch ultra-comfort surface, and a fully-customizable atmosphere "booster" in the shape of a large, illuminated Roccat logo. Users can modify this logo with a choice of 16.8 million vibrant colors, and several cool effects like "breathing."

"With seven fully-programmable buttons and a tough-built 2D mouse wheel, the Kone Pure offers the optimal amount of combat control in a clean, uncluttered space – giving you swift access to all the command options you need to dominate any skirmish," the company said.

Roccat said the fourth Phantom White variation of the mouse will be released later in the year, as well as other limited edition products.

  • hents1230
    u g l y a s f a c k
  • realibrad
    I would say simple, not ugly. Its just a simple gaming mouse shape with some color. Nothing ground breaking for sure, but to say ugly is your taste. To call this design ugly, is to call almost all mice ugly.
  • Mark Honzawa
    Gaming mouse with less than 10 buttons, pass....
  • Fulgurant
    Hard to form an opinion of this or any other product without an idea of how much it costs.

    If you click over the Roccat site, they give you an annoying link to a, "Where to Buy," page that (after you supply your country) gives you a list of stores, along with links to each store's generic website (like, say, -- presumably I have to find the product on the store's site myself, which is more trouble than it's worth for my purposes.

    This goes for all marketing types: supply a price or at least an MSRP on your website. You lose more people by making them jump through hoops to find the bleeping price than you could possibly gain by playing coy. The people who would be turned off by a prominently displayed price aren't gonna buy the thing anyway; no point in wasting their time before they can make that determination.

    Sorry for the general rant.
  • hero1
    I like their approach, simple yet elegant. Too bad I have the M60 which works just as it is intended with minimal number of buttons.
  • SirGCal
    I don't understand the fascination for 1001 buttons on a mouse for it to be a gaming mouse. I'm far more impressed by accuracy of movement, smooth action, button control, ergo, feel, etc. That seems to be what this is. Giant horsepower. Enough buttons to get the job done. I use the G500. This might be just what I'm looking for. The 500's thumb buttons are too sharp for my tastes. Even though it has 3, I only use 2 most of the time. Although I do use the wheel lean functions far more then the middle-button. Love that and would be hard to do away with that... But I also hate 1001 thumb buttons. 2-4 tops. Then use shift/ctrl/alt as modifiers. Otherwise I'll be trying to find button # 243 in the middle with my fat thumb and hitting the dozen surrounding it and messing everything all to heck. It's just ridiculous.
  • tinmann
    Maybe if it were carbon fiber. They look kind of girly as they are.
  • _Cosmin_
    Make them with a velvet touch...and i want one!