OCZ Technology's 2012 Fiscal Year Revenue Up 92%

Over the past 12 months, we have seen many products released from OCZ Technology revolving around the SSD market. To list just a few of these products that have hit our benchmark tables; Vertex 4, Vertex 3, Octane, RevoDrive Hybrid, and RevoDrive 3 X2. In addition, we have seen OCZ Technology finalize its purchases of Indilinx & SANRAD Ltd. and making a switch from a LSI SandForce controller to a partnership with Marvell and its new Indilinx Everest controllers. All this has helped push OCZ to a net revenue increase of 92 percent. Those numbers are impressive in themselves but breaking it down a little further, OCZ saw a 154 percent increase in SSD revenue. This is a statement on OCZ's performance (despite all the 2011 issues with the SandForce controller) and how the market has embraced SSDs over the past 12 months.   

Financial Highlights:

  • Fiscal year 2012, net revenue increased 92% to $365.8 million compared with fiscal year 2011 net revenue of $190.1 million. Net revenue in Q4'12 was a record $110.4 million, and increased 71% compared with net revenue of $64.6 million reported in Q4'11.
  • Fiscal year 2012, SSD revenue was $338.9 million, up 154% compared with $133.2 million in fiscal year 2011. Q4'12 SSD revenue reached a record $103.2 million; an increase of 77% compared with Q4'11 SSD revenue of $58.2 million.
  • Fiscal year 2012 gross margins increased to 22.5% compared to 12.7% with fiscal year 2011. Q4'12 gross margin increased to 25.0% compared with 16.6% in Q4'11, and 22.5% in Q3'12.
  • Net loss for Q4'12 was $10.9 million or $0.19 loss per share compared with a net loss of $9.3 million or $0.27 loss per share in Q4'11.
  • Non-GAAP net loss for Q4'12 was $6.0 million or $0.11 loss per share as compared with a non-GAAP net loss for Q4'11 of $0.8 million or $0.02 loss per share.


We look forward to seeing what OCZ Technology has in store for end-users in the second half of 2012, along with all the other SSD manufacturers such as Crucial, OWC, Intel and Corsair.

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  • Marfig
    There's some of us in all those millions. I only wished we didn't have to contribute with so much.
  • JeanLuc
    Sales vanity, profit sanity.

    Did OCZ say why they are still making a loss as that's the real story here. You can turnover all you want but if your losing money eventually you will go out business.
  • Anonymous
    I don't believe it. I think these are fake numbers. OCZ SSD drives are the worst on the market. It's not just SSD drives. They have a history of making bad quality products: bad power supply, bad RAM, and now bad SSD drives.