Kingston Readies Next-Gen SSDNow V Series SSDs

California-based Kingston Digital said on Wednesday that its SSDNow V Series of solid-state drives are now available. The launch starts with the SSDNow V300, a high-performance, cost-efficient upgrade solution for those wanting to move away from the typical mechanical hard drive setup.

According to Kingston, this drive features an LSI SandForce Flash Storage Processor (FSP) solution customized for Kingston and optimized for 19-nm NAND Flash memory. Sequential read and write speeds are up to 450 MB/s on a SATA 3 connection, whereas random 4K write speeds are up to 60,000 IOPS and random 4K read speeds are up to 85,000 IOPS, depending on the capacity.

"LSI worked together with Kingston to deliver a customized high-performing solid-state drive solution for their cost-effective SSDNow V Series," said Kent Smith, senior director of product marketing, Flash Components Division, LSI. "Our award-winning SF-2281 Client FSPs provide Kingston's customers with enterprise-class features and an enhanced everyday computing user experience, especially for first time SSD users."

The 2.5-inch SSD arrives in three capacities – 60 GB, 120 GB and 240 GB – and has a PCMark Vantage HDD Suite Score of 39,000, 49,000 and 57,000 respectively. On a power consumption level, the drives consume 0.640W (MAX) at idle, 1.423W (MAX) while reading, and 2.052W (MAX) while writing.

"Kingston is committed to delivering SSDs at the best price to performance ratio as possible. We achieve this again with our next-generation SSDNow V300," said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston. "The SSDNow V300 is the best cost-efficient upgrade for users who want their existing systems to perform faster. They will experience faster boot up and shutdown times, and will also see much better system performance when multiple applications are open."

The SSDNow V300 is available as a stand-alone drive or as an upgrade kit containing cloning software and other accessories for a desktop and/or notebook system. To purchase the SSD directly from Kingston, head here. Otherwise, the new series can be found at Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Newegg, TigerDirect, and Fry's Electronics.

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  • agnickolov
    V100 was good in that it wasn't based on SandForce, that's why I got one (96GB capacity) for my HTPC. I haven't heard good news about V200, however. This V300 seems to follow in the same vein...
  • halcyon
    I've got 2 x 512GB Vertex 4's coming in the mail for a RAID0 in my Asus G75. Might not be the best but looks better than this.
  • helltag
    I have a Kingston v100, Crucial M4 and a Kingston HyperX
  • helltag
    Crucial and Kingston are amazing reliability, Not sure what lostmyclan is thinking but Kingston are better than OCZ in reliability and the HyperX series tops most OCZ products in performance.

    Google did a nice test on DOA and return rates and the "leader" by a long shot was OCZ SSDs. It's why I avoid them, Crucial topped with Intel as the lowest.
  • Sakkura
    Bleh. Samsung 840 is taking over as my go-to bang-for-the-buck SSD recommendation since the price is dropping below that of the 830. I don't see Kingston offering these mehtastic SSDs all that much cheaper.
  • JeTJL
    Nah, My SSD V100 was so unreliable, it died within 3 months, got a replacement SSD though from them rather quickly, but having one drive die on you is enough to make anyone reel.

    Though I recently got a 256gb SP900 Adata SSD on sale and thoroughly enjoying it.
  • shqtth
    v200 was fine after firmware update.
  • leandrodafontoura
    Where are the 1TB SSDs?
  • siuol11
    After owning several different Sandforce based drives I have this to say:
    DON'T buy one.
  • ToastyMozart
    leandrodafontouraWhere are the 1TB SSDs?Retailing for about $2200