Samsung Updates Series 7 With 3D Screen, Yellow Finish

Since lugging around an 8 pound 17.3-inch gaming "laptop" doesn't attract enough attention, Samsung decided to upgrade its Series 7 Gamer with a fresh coat of paint. Along with its new blindingly bright yellow finish, the company has also upgraded what was underneath the hood. The new model now features an AMD Radeon HD 7870M, replacing the Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M.

Although some would believe Nvidia's higher-end 675M GPU should out power AMD's mid-range 7870M, numerous benchmarks have shown the 7870M is a force to be reckoned with. In addition to the upgrade in GPU power, Samsung also decided to throw in a 3D LED display, a 128GB SSD, and 1TB HDD.

According to the official post on the company's Samsung Tomorrow blog, the revamped Series 7 Gamer will be available for Korean gamers starting tomorrow, August 14th at a price of 2.99 million won (approx. $2,647 USD). No word on when or if an international release will be available just yet, but something this vibrant will be hard to miss if it does make its way around the world.


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  • scytherswings
    Nice ad placement!
  • AntiZig
    Hey Tom's, care to share the link to those revealing bench marks? I'm not buying it just like that
  • markem
    Samsung seems to have its head screwed on lately, apart from the silly prices.. I hope this is prices competitively