Scythe's Easy Mobile Rack Makes Use of Your 5.25'' Bay

Installation of the Scythe Easy Mobile Rack is as simple as installing an ordinary optical drive. The 3.5-inch rack is secured in an empty 5.25-inch drive bay using the included mounting screws, and is then connected to SATA power for Hot Plug support.

Once installation of the rack is completed, users can insert any regular or slim 3.5-inch hard drive into the bay and close the hatch. Closing the hatch brings the hard drive backward for use, while opening the hatch brings the hard drive forward for replacement. Best of all, insertion and ejection of hard drives can be done without tools, without restarts and without data-loss.

The Scythe Easy Mobile Rack is available in Black only, making it blend well with the front of most darker cases. Check out the video below and the product page for more details.

  • Onus
    Things like this exist, but this looks like a nice example. If the price is reasonable, I'll probably get at least a couple of them for various builds.
  • amuffin
    Doesn't Antec already have something like this?
  • nforce4max
    My old college has been using those for close to a year now, they are ok but not to my personal standards for quality and cooling.
  • You have to be kidding me, mobile rack's for 3.5" drives for 5.25" bays have been around FOREVER. Ok, 10+ years easy and for under $20.. As well, ever since SATA was introduced they have been easy to mount and easy to plug slide in-out, and if the drive supports hot plug you can do it with the bay.. Man you guys must be hard up for articles...
  • face-plants
    I second that Nooorrrmm. I've had at least two of these trays in my bench machines for at least 6-7 years for scanning customer drives and doing data recovery. For the type of application I see this most useful for, having my dual interface trays that support IDE drives as well as SATA (2.5" and 3.5" of course) is way more practical. If you're not connecting multiple different hard drives to your machine then you should be using an external HD enclosure anyway.
  • hellwig
    What I like are the racks that turn two 5.25" bays into three 3.5" bays. Those are convenient, but cost around $100 and they don't even offer RAID capabilities, they're just bays. When the price on those comes down, then I'll be interested.
  • mihaimm
    hellwigdon't even offer RAID capabilities, they're just baysSo... you want a RAID card, with the 3 bays, with disk active cooling and hot swap for less than $100... Good luck with that ;).
  • kikireeki
    Nice but can't see what's so original about it to deserve a headline!
  • TeraMedia
    This is a very nice, pretty advertisement.

    Since a LOT of these kinds of things exist (just search on NewEgg for many examples), how about a comparison? Pros and Cons?

    Rather than, "Hey, look at this nifty device!" how about, "Here are 5 single-bay devices for hot-plug, hot-swap 3.5" HDDs. We compare them for ease-of-use, durability, cooling, quality and value."

    I'm working right now with a 3.5-in-5.25, two 5x3.5-in-3x5.25s, and a 4x2.5-in-5.25. The 3.5-in-5.25 is by far the simplest and also lowest-value. It would be great to see a review about one or more of the other form factors, because there are differences between the available devices on the market. Some of this might even be valuable over on the IT-Pro side of the publication.
  • eddieroolz
    That's great! I have 3 of the 5.25" bays but only am using 1, and will only ever use 2 at most.