Slim Notebooks From Quanta, MSI Challenge Air

According to a report on Digitimes, Quanta Computer could be the next manufacturer with an ultra slim notebook similar to the MacBook Air.

While there’s not much to go on, Digitimes cites a source who says Quanta has finished developing the notebook which reportedly measures in at 1-2 cm thick. The sources report that Quanta is confident about the potential of its notebook because it’s of a higher quality that MSI’s super slim solution, the X320, and is cheaper than the MacBook Air. Quanta doesn't have any schedule for mass production yet, so for now, the MSI's super-slim product will likely be the next challenger Apple's Air.

Haven't heard of the MSI X320? It was on show at CES and here are the basics: the notebook measures 1.9 cm and at its edges, just 6 mm. While it packs no optical drive, ports-wise you’re looking at three USBs, ethernet, audio in/out, a memory card slot and VGA output. It should have a MacBook Air-like footprint with its 13.4-inch (16:9) display. It weighs less than 2.9-pounds, presumably with a 4-cell battery, but there's the option to go 8-cell battery. MSI claims a battery life of up to 10-hours with the 8-cell option, but we’re on the fence with that until we get our hands on it ourselves.

Digitimes’ source said nothing about price other than “it’ll be cheaper than the MBA” which doesn’t really say much. No word on a release date either. For those interested, the X320 is supposed to hit retailers sometime in Q1.

  • frozenlead
    They should be comparing it to the Voodoo Envy 133 - not the macbook air.
  • nekatreven
    frozenleadThey should be comparing it to the Voodoo Envy 133 - not the macbook air.