Spire Reveals the PowerCube 702 Mini-ITX Enclosure

Spire, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of PC cases and cooling equipment, has announced a new chassis, the Powercube 702. 

The Mini-ITX is a chassis with room for only single-slot expansion cards. It is made of 0.5 mm SGCC metal and has a pre-installed 300 W power supply included. The chassis has room for either 80 or 60 mm front and rear fans, respectively, as well as space for a single 5.25" optical drive and a single 3.5" drive. Connectivity is taken care of by front USB 2.0 connections as well as a pair of AC97 audio connections, which can be found behind the front I/O flap.

The Spire Powercube 702 comes with a two year warranty, and it features an MSRP of $57.95.

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  • cobra5000
    Looks overpriced.
  • nukemaster
    If the power supply is not junk(for instance, the SilverStone SG05 came with a decent 300 watt power supply.) the price may be ok.

    If you have to replace the power supply and do not mind a slightly larger case, May as well get the SG05 because by it self it can be had for cheap(or picked up with a 300 or 450 watt power supply).

    The case design still seems interesting.
  • lunyone
    PSU isn't probably something not too good. All I can find is that the 12v rail is 14A (168w), so that is probably a pretty weak PSU, especially since it's an SFX form factor too. You can look some info up HERE. It's at the bottom of the chart.