Announces Fanless LPC-700F Mini-PC has introduced a new Mini-PC, one that is fanless and will feature an Intel Core i7 CPU. The PC is primarily aimed at industrial applications, as can be seen by its robust build as well as the I/O connectivity options. The unit will be called the "LPC-700F."

The LPC-700F ships standard with the Intel Core i7-3610QE CPU, which might be a mobile part but is still quite powerful. It also features a standard 128 GB SSD as well as 4 GB of DDR3 SODIMM memory, both of which are upgradeable.

Connectivity is handled by two audio ports, four USB 3.0 ports, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMI, DVI and VGA ports, as well as a stunning six COM ports. The unit features an external power supply.

"Our new Stealth Model: LPC-700F is the most powerful and technologically advanced fanless PC we have introduced to date. Our full featured machine features built in PCI or PCIe expansion card slots for applications requiring additional expansion capability. Stealth's LPC-700F is a powerful diminutive computer that operates without noisy cooling fans that could draw in dirt and dust potentially causing catastrophic failures. Stealth's fanless computers are encapsulated in a rugged extruded aluminum chassis performing as a heat sink to dissipate heat build-up," said Ed Boutilier, CEO of Inc.

The LPC-700F fanless industrial computer is already available at at a starting price of $1,995.00.

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  • Josh Brumpton
    Fanless PC's are a big no no, hate em
  • timaishu
    Seems like an awful lot of money for an awful lot of nothing.
  • vestibule
    Of course people make a rush to comment, not realizing this is made for industrial use and a high-end component considering.

    This is an impressive PC considering it's not just fanless, but completely enclosed and fairly small.