Swiftech Releases H2O-x20 Edge HD Liquid Cooling Kits

The liquid cooling system comes with Swiftech's new flagship waterblock, the Apogee HD. The waterblock is precision-machined from C110 copper. Thermal design of the cooling engine is characterized by Swiftech's fin/pin matrix composed of 225 µm (0.009") micro structures with two inlet and two outlet ports.

The liquid cooling systems utilizes a patent pending heat exchanger, the MCR 220 Drive Rev3 or MCR 320 Drive Rev3. These feature a built-in reservoir with dual fill-ports and caps, a MCP35X PWM controlled pump, and include two and three 120mm fans, respectively. The units can be purchased without the installed pump, which allow users to use any of Swiftech's MCP3X pumps (MCP350, 355, 35B, 35X).

Installation Examples:

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H2O-220 Edge Front Installation

H2O-320 Edge Top Installation SLi

H2O-320 Edge + H2O-220 Edge for full redundancy

H2O-220 edge + Radbox, 1/2" tubing thru pre-existing holes

Case Compatibility (Internal Installation):

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MakeModelH2O-220 EdgeH20-320 Edge
AntecDF85, 1200YesNo
Cooler MasterHAF932 (*)YesYes
Cooler MasterCosmos S (*)YesYes
Cooler MasterATCS 840YesYes
Cooler MasterCM 690 IIYesNo
Cooler MasterStacker 810YesNo
Lian LiPC-P80YesNo
Lian LiPC-A77FYesYes
MountainmodsMost Models (*)YesYes
NZXTTempest (*)YesNo
NZXTPhantom (*)YesNo
SilverstoneRaven RV01, RV02 (*)YesNo
SilverstoneTJ09 , TJ010 (*)YesNo
ThermaltakeArmor LCSYesNo

Swiftech's coolers provide support for Intel sockets out of the box (including LGA 2011), and can be hooked up to AMD chips via a mounting kit that is provided free of charge upon request.     

The H2O-x20 Edge HD kits are shipping now to Swiftech dealers worldwide. To learn more about the H2O-x20 at the product page. To learn more about water cooling, visit our Water Cooling forum.

  • clonazepam
    $10 says that pump is extra loud being directly attached to the rad without any additional insulation.
  • eddieroolz
    Depending on the price, I'll consider this alongside the Antec Kuhler when I'm doing my build sometime next year.
  • alyoshka
    Me feels this is a good combination H2O-320 Edge + H2O-220 Edge but they needed to have both those loops separate for the CPU and the GPUs
  • eklipz330
    awesome, i really needed some high definition water cooling
  • alidan
    i could never trust a water cooler that i have to install myself...
  • lol then pay me with your arm and leg and il set it up for you.
  • archange
    eklipz330awesome, i really needed some high definition water cooling
    Ohh, the horror!
  • In three out of the four images of the products in use (above) the hot air is being blown back into the case. That makes no sense to me. And in the bottom left image two radiators are shown to be running in series yet the caption says "...for full redundancy."; that's like someone getting RAID 0 and RAID 1 mixed up. This article needs correction and if it is taken verbatim from Swiftech's PR guys then they need to do their research before they try to sell their products.
  • nikorr
    Good. more competition needed!
  • outlw6669
    Well, these kits sure look quite a bit better than your standard all in one WC loops...