Best Buy Prices EeePad Transformer at $400

Sadly, though Asus was more than happy to release fancy press shots, specs and a ball-park release date for the device, the company did not reveal pricing for the Transformer. A little less sad: someone at Best Buy slipped up and pushed the product page for the Transformer live a little early. Hooray!

Previous rumors put the device at $500 with the keyboard attachment costing $100 more on top of that; however, Best Buy's listing reveals we could see the 16GB version of this Tegra 2 tablet go for as little as $400. Best Buy didn't leave the product page up for long, so all we've got in the way of proof is this nice screenshot from Netbook News, but it’s enough to get us excited.

The release for this baby is 'early April' according to Asus, so we won’t have to wait long to find out the official pricing (considering April is, you know, here). For those that are feeling a little hazy on the details of the machine, specwise you're looking at Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset, 1GB of RAM, a front-facing 1.2-megapixel camera, a rear-facing 5-megapixel camera, a 10.1-inch Gorilla glass multitouch screen (1280x800), a combined battery life of 16 hours (9.5 hours without the dock), built-in SRS Sound technology for dynamic 3D stereo audio, a mini HDMI output port, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, a G-sensor, light sensor, gyroscope, e-compass and GPS. According to Asus, the full-hinged QWERTY keyboard docking station provides unique Android Function keys, an SD card reader and two USB ports, along with the additional battery.

  • guruofchem
    Intriguing this is - investigate it we must...
  • paue888
    Better if it were an amd fusion c50.
  • krinkles619
    either way this is going to be pretty awesome, fusion or not. the fact that its a tablet and a netbook rolled into one with a massive battery life, AND probably at 500$ for the base model with dock is going to be excellent. chances are i'll replace my laptop with it for on the go use
  • paue888
    As this is to be a laptop as well, I would prefer a better OS (window 7 or Mac OSX). Then it would corner the Market. As it is now its a hybrid without real growth potential.

  • scubadog40
    I would of gotten one if all of this wasn't on the keyboard. It needs to be on the tablet.

    "keyboard docking station provides SD card reader and two USB ports"
  • Unperson
    NewEgg also had it listed as $399 (16GB), and $499 (32GB) (both out of stock) but has since taken the listing down.

    THIS is the tablet I'm buying. Probably going with the 32GB and the keyboard.


    Must.. ..stay.. ..patient.

  • Trueno07
    This is the tablet i'll buy, it seems like Asus has a great product at a great price with some awesome features and functionality. I can't wait!
  • NewEgg listing is back up at the prices stated by Unperson

    16 GB, $399 -

    32 GB, $499 -

    Both show out of stock and no mention of the keyboard. Exciting times coming up though....
  • christop
  • killerclick
    techsevenHAHAHA! Someone needs to take their "tablets" and start breathing through their nose... This gets my vote of "Overreaction of the Month"
    Yeah, he should be executed for overreacting!