EK's Liquid Cooler for Tesla K Series GPUs Now for Pre-Order

EK Water Block's EK-FCTK20 is a high performance full-cover water block for Nvidia's Tesla K20 / K20x graphics cards, offering direct cooling for the GPU, RAM, and Voltage Regulation Module (VRM), which is advertised to offer full stability under any given workload.

The water block's base is constructed of C110 grade electrolytic copper; its top serves as the I/O bracket and is built from laser cut stainless steel; and finally, the unit is sealed by NBR rubber washers. The EK-FCTK20 also features a high-flow design that is compatible with liquid cooling systems that use weaker pumps and offer G1/4" threaded openings that can serve as either an inlet or an outlet.

The EK-FCTK20 is currently available from the EKWB webshop for €119.95 ($154.51) and comes bundled with a 1g tube of Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal grease.

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  • TheBigTroll
    might actually be useful for those guys who got a k20/k20x for work but not necessarily have the fans required to cool the passive heatsink mounted
  • hella-d
    Or a gamer with a titan and wanting to do some "advanced overclocking"
  • cobra5000
    Hey, why not add another 149.00 to a 1000.00 card? Why not?