Thermaltake, BMW Designworks Make the Level 10 M Mouse

When one mentions Level 10 and Thermaltake, the first thing that comes to mind is the uniquely designed Level 10 GT tower case.

Now for CES 2012, Thermaltake subdivision Tt eSports has exclusively shared with Tom's Hardware a new product designed in collaboration with BMW's Designworks USA: the Level 10 M mouse.

The immediate standout feature of the Level 10 M mouse is that it features a hollowed-out design that allows for height and angle adjustment of the mouse body. By turning a screw on the top side of the mouse, users can adjust the size and shape of the mouse, changing how it fits under the palm.

The Level 10 M mouse also features a perforated palm surface to help alleviate some of those sweaty gaming sessions with passive airflow.

Release date and price have yet to be revealed, but we will to find out more this week when we go hands-on. Stay tuned.

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  • manu 11
    MY 3$ mouse is doing a fantastic job.
  • andywork78
    If $19.99 i will think about purchase one...
    If higher then that lol good looking but not this year~
  • livebriand
    That thing looks a bit ugly. Besides, a $10 mouse will work just as well (as long as it's 1000dpi or so, 400dpi doesn't cut it when you turn the pointer speed up).