SanDisk Intros SSD for Retail Consumers

Previously SanDisk offered its Ultra SSD to the business sector, but on Tuesday the company revealed that it's now offering the drive to consumers. Unfortunately, it's not packed with the SandForce SF-2200 controller or a SATA 6 Gbps interface, so don't expect blazing fast speeds in the 500 MB/s realm. But considering its price, the Ultra SSD offers a cheap way to replace the standard HDD and boost performance without having to sell body parts on the black market.

"Replacing a computer's hard disk drive with the SanDisk Ultra SSD is more cost effective than buying a new PC," said Kent Perry, director, product marketing, SanDisk. "Our new SSD delivers greater speed and reliability than a hard disk drive at an affordable price."

According to the specs, the 2.5-inch Ultra SSD features sustained sequential read speeds up to 280 MB/s and write speeds up to 270 MB/s. SanDisk claims that the 60 GB Ultra SSD can withstand at least 40 terabytes of data written to it over lifetime, while the 120 GB and 240 GB drives can withstand at least 80 terabytes and 120 terabytes of data written, respectively.

The SanDisk Ultra SSD is now available here in the States over on Newegg, costing $129.99 for the 60 GB model, $219.99 for the 120 GB model and a meatier $449.99 for the 240 GB model (although currently the 120 GB model is the only one listed). Additional retailers are expected to be revealed shortly.

  • Kamab
    the 120gb model looks like its selling for 179.99$
  • j2j663
    Not so sure why this is big news. There are already quite a few SSD drive available and many are cheaper and faster than this one.
  • applegetsmelaid
    I had to sell my little toe on the black market for my first SSD. Worth every penny.
  • JamesSneed
    I’m not sure claiming they have the fastest SATA II SSD drive is all that impressive. There are faster SATA III drives that are backwards compatible with SATA II so the point falls a little short for me. Plus, why spend the cash on a SATA II SSD drive when you can get a SATA III drive for future upgrades.
  • hoofhearted
    Oh great a scaled down version. Intel and Crucial have sata3.
  • leandrodafontoura
    OCZ sells a 240GB for 360...
  • alidan
    seriously, we need a commercial psa for these companies.

    the ssds are fast enough. please bring the price down.
    (skinny a** malnutritioned kid) this poor kid has been waiting non stop for the price of ssds to fall to reasonable levels, he is on the verge of dieing he has waited so long, refusing to eat till it happens. (pan to the nearly dead dog) even his dog is suffering from this lack of food till ssds are reasonably priced.... please, r&d cheaper ssds, not faster... for this kid, and this dog.

    the whole time. play a song so depressing that you cant shed a tear if you have a soul.

    seriously, i would take a 50 read and write ssd, because for me, no seek is the best thing about it, the performance can be s*** as far as everything else, i just need the seek times.
  • Judguh
    Anything to help boost competition and possibly lower prices!
  • Marco925
    applegetsmelaidI had to sell my little toe on the black market for my first SSD. Worth every penny.I donated my body for science in taking experimental drugs for this!
  • henydiah
    i want buy .. stil wait shipping