Vizio All-in-One PCs, Notebooks Arrive This Month

On Friday Vizio confirmed that a new line of PCs will indeed hit the market this month. The news arrives after an anonymous tipster recently took snapshots of Walmart's inventory supply system which conveniently listed two upcoming Vizio computers.

According to the photos, Walmart has ordered a 27-inch All-In-One PC for $1100 and a 14-inch "T L Notebook" for $900 (thin and light?). There's also supposedly a 27-inch AIO and a 14-inch notebook in the works as well, but they're currently not on the list.

Typically the Vizio brand covers consumer products like HDTVs, home audio systems, and stream players. However this will be the company's initial entry into the PC sector, following Vizio's entry into the tablet sector with 8-inch and an upcoming 10-inch model.

"We are excited about the official VIZIO PC launch this month," the company said regarding the PC release. "We will be withholding any comments regarding previously unannounced product specs and retail channels until our official launch. At that time, we will be announcing all of the exciting details around these highly anticipated PCs."

There's a good chance Vizio will release an official announcement during Computex 2012 next week, so stay tuned.

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  • ddan49
    Soooo... specs? ;)
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  • DarkenMoon97
    Vizio PC's from a TV company? I think this is pretty cool.
  • thillntn
    I am a bit skeptical of how durable these laptops will be, but they are proven in the display market and make good products; so I will be looking at them closely when my laptop is ready to be replaced :).
  • ddan49
    Soooo... specs? ;)