Asus Launching 27-inch WQHD Display in September

Asus on Tuesday announced the upcoming launch of its new PB278Q wide quad high definition (WQHD) 27-inch LED-backlit display for pros and gamers. The company said it pumps out true-to-life 2560 x 1440 resolution visuals (109 PPI) courtesy of an LED-backlit, wide-view angle (178°) display. That's four times the pixel resolution of standard 720p HDTVs, and enables users to view more image detail and do more thanks to an onscreen footprint larger than regular displays, the company said.

The PB278Q comes packed with features including an 80,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio and 300cd/m² of brightness, both of which help enhance display contrast and sharpness by adjusting backlight luminance to achieve the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. A 5ms GTG response time ensures a smooth viewing experience, and Splendid Video Intelligence Technology optimizes video performance and image fidelity by enhancing color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness.

"The QuickFit Virtual Scale function to provide actual sized document, photo and alignment grid overlays onscreen so users can accurately preview and edit their photos on screen. QuickFit Virtual Scale is activated through a simple hotkey and supports A4, letter, 8x10-inch, 5x7-inch, 4x6-inch, 3x5-inch, and 2x2-inch sizes," Asus said on Tuesday.

The PB278Q also comes with 100-percent sRGB color space compatibility, and a host of ports including HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, Dual-link DVI for WQHD and D-sub Full HD content transmission. There are also two 3W speakers built into the display's ergonomic design, and smart cable management to ensure a clutter-free workspace. The full set of specs can be accessed here.

"The PB278Q might sound new, but you’ve probably already met it earlier as the VA278Q," Asus said on the Republic of Gamers website. "It’s not just been rebranded though, its (slight delay) has been through upgrading to P-series spec, with professional-quality enhancements that include 8-bit IPS (100% sRGB color space compatibility), color pre-calibration at the factory, and ASUS exclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale, and Splendid Video Intelligence Technology. The other advantage of a 27″ 2560 x 1440 display is the higher pixel density at 109 pixels per inch (PPI), giving a crisper, easier to read image.

Asus points out that PC gamers will need a recent on-board GPU or add-in card capable of dual-link DVI, DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 1.4 to be able to send over 2560 x 1440 graphics, as previous connector standards are limited to the smaller Full HD (1920 x 1080) only. However the display has an ergonomic tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment, meaning that PC gamers can spin the screen to a vertical position (seen left), creating an extremely tall window -- now imagine four PB278Q vertical screens side-by-side!

So far Asus hasn't attached a pricetag to this new WQHD display, but it's scheduled to hit the market in September.

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  • ahnilated
    I am wondering if this is supposed to be something earth shattering? They have had displays of this resolution out for a while in 27".
  • juanc
    Quad HD? HD is 1920x1080.

    For gamers? 75Hz?
  • halcyon
    I have 2 Apple Cinema Displays at that resolution and they're gorgeous. I would expect the Asus display to be the same or superior. This Asus' ability to pivot is a real winner too.