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Aqua Introduces Its Water Cooling Solution for the GTX Titan

The release of the highly anticipated GeForce GTX Titan last month seems to have prompted a deluge of aftermarket coolers and this entrant is Aqua Computers' Kyographics liquid cooler. The unit is classified as a full cover block owing to the fact that its 10 mm copper base covers the GPU, RAM and voltage regulators.

Aqua Computers further states that all surfaces that come in contact with the GTX Titan are polished to 1 / 1000 mm and the GPU uses a 0.25 mm micro structure for improved thermal performance. Finally, the top of the cooler is constructed of stainless steel complete with a laser engraved logo.

The Kyographics is available in four different variants: copper or nickel plated copper with a stainless steel top, and both blocks also with a Plexiglas top surrounded by a stainless steel frame. The copper base and stainless steel top is currently in production and will be available this week, the other variants will arrive in Europe in mid March for €89.90. Further information on pricing and availability is still unavailable.

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