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Panel Makers Show Off Win 7 Friendly Multitouch

The last few months have been riddled with rumors, betas and RCs about the new Windows software. Now that we have a nice solid release date of October 22, we can move onto more important things, like talking about the hardware.

Digitimes today reports that panel manufacturers, including eTurbo Touch, Mildex Optical and Integrated Digital Technologies (IDT), are showcasing multi-touch technology supporting Microsoft Windows 7. According to DT, eTurbo Touch is showcasing a whole ream of netbooks and all-in-one PCs equipped with analog matrix resistive (AMR) touch panel, indicating that its AMR touch panel is validated by Microsoft and is ready for mass production.

Is there anybody out there running Windows 7 and liking the OS so much that they’re considering buying a touchscreen computer to use with it? Let us know!

  • I intend to get one for my 2 year old. Might as well get going on the way things will eventually all be.
  • i already have 7 and an hp tx1000 touchscreen. i found the input to be just ok better than vista but still far from perfect. i blame hp and microsoft for imperfect drivers, multi-touch would be nice though.
  • A 12" dual-core Atom with bluetooth and 9-cell, for
  • The Schnoz
    I would like to build a small car computer (underclocked core 2 I have lying around, fuck Atom) running windows 7 with a touch screen monitor on my dash.
  • m3kt3k
    Ill wait till it uses a camera.. OHH wait thats comming :-)
  • Blessedman
    Touch screen is nice but it still lacks some of the finer control that a mouse offers especially in the realm of gaming. I really would like to see the mouse replaced and tactile control is nice, I just not sure touch screen is where that kind of future is at.
  • starryman
    Touch screen are cool at first glance but upon actual daily use... it's not that great and slows productivity. I had a tablet 2 yrs ago and realized that the aggregation of hand movement actually was slower than just sticking with a mouse. Touch screen is great if you it's a kiosk or a dummy terminal for point of sale.
  • csturtle
    its not multi touch but i have been running every build of win7 on my t4220 Fujitsu tablet and the touch works perfectly. i dont use it all too much but when im walking around with the tablet and want to do anything with it without turning it back into the regular mode the easy flick gestures work great

    P.S. all the drivers except for the shock sensor one works perfectly ever since i put on the RC1 too and i get better battery life than with xp on it too
  • I wonder why Windows don't create one driver, for a preset controller chip, which does not matter which company fabricates it?
    Multitouch will probably not upgrade anymore. and if it did,it would probably get another name (eg: like 3D touch) or so, and need another controller.
    /but what's the use of equipping the OS with hundreds of drivers out there for every possible controller?
  • hardwarekid9756
    If I go the Win7 Route (I'm using Vista, not experiencing any problems, and Win7 has a lot of cool frills, but in my testing about the same usability as Vista) I will probably wait for a USB-type mini-touch screen or something. Like those SideScreen devices that never made the market...