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Windows 8 Pro, Server 2012 Also Leaked Online

Twenty-four hours after Microsoft's new Windows 8 finally reached the Release To Manufacture (RTM) milestone and was handed over to OEMs, the Enterprise-N Edition reared its head on various file-sharing sites. Now there are reports that Windows 8 Pro and Server 2012 -- also build number 9200 -- have appeared on file sharing sites, just days before their expected legit appearance on MSDN this August 15th.

PC Advisor reports that numerous versions of Windows 8 platforms can be downloaded, and include the following (*=new):

Windows Server 2012 Datacenter (Volume License, 64-bit only)*
Windows Server 2012 Standard (Volume License, 64-bit only)*
Windows 8 Enterprise-N (the EU version, without Windows Media Player)
Windows 8 Enterprise (the international version, 32 & 64-bit)*
Windows 8 Professional (non Volume License, 32 & 64-bit)*

The site notes that currently there are no signs of the Windows 8 Standard and Home editions, the Windows RT version for ARM-based tablets, desktops and notebooks, and the Windows Server 2012 Essentials edition. All others listed above with the (*) are reportedly untouched, entirely bootable ISOs from Microsoft.

Downloaders are reporting that these builds require a serial key for installation. However Microsoft's activation servers are not recognizing the software (because technically they're not officially released), and the only keys that are currently available for use are stored on the actual Windows 8 ISO itself. Volume License copies must be activated by a KMS server, and retail copies require a key from a store purchase.

As for downloading Windows 8 the legit way, Microsoft coughed up the schedule for developers, IT professionals and more here:

* August 15th: Developers will be able to download the final version of Windows 8 via your MSDN subscriptions.
* August 15th: IT professionals testing Windows 8 in organizations will be able to access the final version of Windows 8 through your TechNet subscriptions.
* August 16th: Customers with existing Microsoft Software Assurance for Windows will be able to download Windows 8 Enterprise edition through the Volume License Service Center (VLSC), allowing you to test, pilot and begin adopting Windows 8 Enterprise within your organization.
* August 16th: Microsoft Partner Network members will have access to Windows 8.
* August 20th: Microsoft Action Pack Providers (MAPS) receive access to Windows 8.
* September 1st: Volume License customers without Software Assurance will be able to purchase Windows 8 through Microsoft Volume License Resellers.

The previous leak, Enterprise-N Edition, is a version of Windows 8 that doesn't include Windows Media Player. Microsoft was forced to release this version thanks to certain rulings from the European Commission. Unlike the four new bootable ISO leaks seen on Wednesday (which come packed with Windows Media Player), the Enterprise-N leak isn't bootable, and uses a key embedded in the installer by the leaker.

For more information about the leaked builds of Windows 8 Pro and Server 2012, check out the detailed info here. Neowin indicates that the four new leaked ISOs were likely released by Russian leaker WZOR.

  • COLGeek
    Why did this take so long? Please note the sarcasm.....
  • STILL haven't dropped the 32 bit.

    gg its over, microsoft is finished
  • infernocy
    this is not news , hackers are better and will always be better --- because they enjoy what they are doing - so there isnt a software they cant crack
  • I'm confused - didn't they used to wait until SP1 before they came out with the server equivalent? AKA - Server 2003 was XP SP1, 2008 was Vista SP1, 2008 R2 was 7 SP1?

    What's with all this rapid release crap lately, trying to become Google Chrome?
  • Netherscourge
    m2222222222STILL haven't dropped the 32 bit. gg its over, microsoft is finished
    So many businesses are still using XP on 32-bit machines that dropping it completely would lose Microsoft a ton of clients.

    32-bit isn't going anywhere and it's one of the biggest reasons Microsoft still owns the desktop PC business market.
  • leafman420
    Um so you know all IT ppl are hackers, and i dont think they hacked or cracked it. its just been leaked. also with the history of Microsoft this one will suck big ??? well you know. XP still used as a standard for comparing newer windows versions. Vista well that one just blows, and I still don't think anyone in business has upgraded to it yet. Windows 7, I like it over all. What I have read of Win 8 I'm not liking what I am seeing, but with Microsofts record for OS It is going to suck so that the next one they come out with will make them another 5 bil. off us all. TY Microsoft for being what you are. CRAP. Still hate apple more.
  • killerclick
    Microsoft is getting desperate. They're leaking Windows two months ahead to shore up their market share and get as many people into the walled garden formerly known as Metro.
  • bison88
    Reading these comments are a little ridiculous. Did most of you guys wake up and accidentally take the retard pill this morning?
  • @bison

    Then don't read them...duh!.
  • RabidFace
    m2222222222STILL haven't dropped the 32 bit. gg its over, microsoft is finished
    Just like Netherscourge said, 32-bit isn't going anywhere for a great while.

    Most people don't realize that most of the computers actually running the WORLD are 32-bit systems. I love how people think that because 64-bit is the norm in the enthusiast market, it's the same for the JOB market and working industries.