Stardock CEO Developing Start Menu App for Windows 8

Brad Wardell, the founder and CEO of Stardock, says that he's working on a free Windows 8 app called Start8 that will enable the Start menu on the desktop.

When completed, the Start8 app will place the familiar Start button at the bottom left corner of the screen on the taskbar (where it belongs). It will also reportedly have a Run and Shutdown option when users right-click on the menu.

"The lack of a start button and start menu in Windows 8 has made using Microsoft’s new OS a non-starter for me and a lot of other people," he writes in a blog. "I like Metro, I really do – for tablets. But as a desktop user, I need a consistent work flow that lets me have my windows together on my desktop and don’t want to be jerked out of that environment every time I want to start some new program."

According to Wardell, the app will allow the user to choose a custom Start button image. It will also enable quick access and searching of the user's installed programs.

Unfortunately, those currently using Microsoft's just-released Windows 8 Consumer Preview can't download the app directly from Stardock, as it's not available as of this writing. But by providing an email address, Stardock will send a link to the download once it becomes available.

For more information about the Start8 app, head here. Currently there's no indication as to when the app will be completed, so keep checking back if you don't want to be placed on the mailing list.

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  • nikolayivanov321
    So I have to install 3rd party software and do registry modifications just to have my system working properly? No thanks, I'm sticking with Win 7.
  • Other Comments
    Thumbs up. Good work.
  • mykel
    After you enter your email address, the download link will readily be available. Currently using it and it is working great. I wonder why Microsoft haven't thought of this? The Mini metro start menu is quite nice and feels native. you can also customize the org image with the various options included. great job for a freeware, stardock.