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XFX's Prototype AIX Chassis to Ship in May

XFX has taken the wraps off the AIX, a rather striking chassis that is still in development. Although most of the case's specifications are still unknown, the company has revealed that it will be built out of aluminum and plastic and is intended to be on store shelves by May 2013. Whether XFX is able to deliver a capable high-end chassis and compete with the industry's heavyweights will of course have to wait for the product's release. 

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  • mikenygmail
    Looks good, just keep the price under $100 XFX, and include 3 200 mm fans.
  • Dupontrocks11
    I haven't seen a case like this in a while, it lacks the usual mesh grill that most cases now-a-days have. Hopefully it will have enough cooling to please the masses.
  • Tehol
    It's . . . a bit ugly; a monolithic beast from the glory days of the 90s, mayhap?
  • UVB076
    That looks so good.
  • JonnyDough
    I want to see just two fans, large ones ducting air from the bottom through a filter and out the top through "air ports" (lol) on the sides. I want a flat top, handles on the sides, etc. I think this case just might be doing exactly that.
  • toms my babys daddy
    looks horrific tbh.
  • murzar
    They look sci-fi-ish. Now only if we had some kind of functioning quantum computer in it and then I would be a very happy man.
  • ikyung
    It's just a prototype. I want them to change the feet of the case because the design right now looks weird and cheap. Hopefully the grill mesh on the side have filters and be able to mount 2x120mm fans.
  • xpeh
    Looks a bit SciFi-ish, but I still think it looks better than the toys that are being released by most of the other brands
  • spat55
    Doesn't look like I would buy it for it's looks, I see some bargain cases for £40 and under that look better so it must have something very nice inside to make it worth it.