Adata Announces XPG Gaming Mouse With In-Built 1TB SSD

XPG Vault gaming mouse with 1TB SSD
(Image credit: Adata)

In an Adata blog post released today, the company announced it will be making an appearance at CES 2022 and teased a number of new products, including a new gaming mouse concept known as the XPG Vault. The XPG Vault is a gaming mouse equipped with 1TB of solid-state storage for your games library.

The 1TB SSD built into the mouse is no slouch, with up to 985MB/s of bandwidth, it's significantly faster than your traditional SATA 3 SSDs which peak at around 550MB/s of bandwidth. It may not be as fast as an NVMe drive, but that is the trade off for convenience. The XPG Vault comes with a single USB Type C connector which pulls double duty for mouse and the 1TB SSD. Adata is also working on a new custom game launcher that promises to make your game libraries easy to store, organize and launch directly from the mouse.

(Image credit: Adata)

Putting storage in a mouse has the potential to be very useful. If you are always on the go then you would have one less thing to carry or forget. There's nothing stopping you from just storing games right on the mouse and playing directly from it like an actual storage device. The downside of having all your eggs in one basket is that should the mouse break, so does your storage.

For now, it's just a concept, so there's no release date or pricing available for the XPG Vault. But if it gets enough attention, we wouldn't be surprised to see Adata giving the mouse the green light and building a bunch of these. It would definitely stand out in the market as the only gaming mouse with 1TB of built-in high-speed storage.

Aaron Klotz
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  • mac_angel
    I kinda like that idea. Even just a mouse having a micro SD card slot, or a spot to plug in a small USB key (like under the palm part) would be a good idea. But the transfer rates of this one definitely sound good.
  • Irisena
    Very neat idea, I'm just worried about the execution. As we all know, SSD can go VERY hot. I certainly don't want my SSD running 80c all the time and having to grip 40c mouse too.