Alphacool's Cool Cooling Products At Computex

Alphacool had a number of new products on display at Computex 2017. The company showed off a CPU water block, a full cover GPU water block, new Helix reservoirs, and more.

Although Alphacool's water blocks may look like your average water block with an acrylic cover, the top portion of the Eisblock XPX is actually made from transparent nylon. Why nylon? The company stated that, compared to conventional Plexiglas, transparent nylon is much stronger and more resistant to cracking and warping created by high temperature differences. Waterflow is evenly distributed over the 2mm fins on the 34 x 32mm copper baseplate thanks to the company's patented ramp technology.

On the cosmetic side of things, Alphacool not only polishes the outside of its water blocks but the insides of the water-bearing channels as well. The Eisblock XPX comes in clear and satin finishes and is available for both AMD and Intel platforms. Both CPU water blocks are available from the company website for $85 (€74.95).  

Also on display was the Alphacool Eisblock GPX-N. This full-cover GPU water block is built from the same transparent nylon material as the company's XPX CPU blocks, mated to a nickel-plated copper base plate. The block is covered with a matte black aluminum shroud and equipped with a matching matte black aluminum backplate. The Eisblock GPX-N on display fits cards based on Nvidia's Titan X Pascal, although technically it should work on the Titan Xp and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards, as well. We didn’t see any GPU water blocks for AMD-based graphics cards in Alphacool’s booth.

Rounding out the new enthusiast DIY water cooling products shown at Computex is the Eisbecher Helix reservoir. These double helix reservoirs come in a variety of color combinations (housing and fluid) and feature internal LED lighting. The Helix reservoirs are available in both 50mm and 60mm diameter sizes. We reached out to the company for information on pricing and availability for both the Eisblock GPX-N and the Eisbecher Helix reservoir.

This brings us to the Aurora HT. This lighting accessory is equipped with six circumferential LEDs and slides over the top of the hard tubing, thus illuminating the coolant. The Aurora HT comes in two sizes--13mm and 16mm--and can be placed on any straight section of hard tubing. The Aurora features a sleeved three-pin fan header connector for power and comes in blue, white, green, red, or UV. The Aurora HT is available from the company website, priced at $9 for the 13mm version and $10 for the 16mm model.