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Amazon Already Has Windows Mixed Reality Bundles

That didn't take long. One day after Windows Mixed Reality debuted alongside the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Amazon bundled systems from MSI, iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, and others with Acer's Windows Mixed Reality headset. The bundles are currently listed as "temporarily out of stock," but as more shipments arrive at Amazon warehouses, we expect they'll soon begin to fly off the company's digital shelves.

We were surprised not only by how quickly Amazon bundled these items, but also by the fact that they were bundled by Amazon instead of the manufacturers themselves. This seems like a promotion system builders would run—why not take advantage of the hype around Windows Mixed Reality by partnering up with Microsoft and Acer to sell a headset with your system?—but instead it seems Amazon's the one seeing dollar signs.

We found 10 of these bundles as we browsed Amazon's storefront. Four of them are desktop systems, and six are laptops. Each one is bundled with Acer's Windows Mixed Reality headset and two motion controllers. When the bundles were first listed, you could save around $80 by purchasing the package instead of buying the systems and headset individually. Now, however, Amazon lists the bundles at the same price as the sum of each item.

The bundles range in price from $1,099 for a CyberPowerPC equipped with an Intel Core i5-7400 and AMD RX 580 graphics at the low end to $2,899 for the MSI GT73VR Titan Pro 17.3" gaming laptop at the high end. Each is bundled with the same Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset; the only difference is the system with which the headset is paired. We haven't found bundles with other Windows Mixed Reality headsets yet.

It makes sense to bundle VR headsets with PCs that support them. Many people don't want to worry about looking up spec requirements (but of course, you can) or upgrading their systems—they just want to see what all the hullabaloo is about with VR, AR, and every other reality besides our own. HTC and Oculus have offered similar bundles with the Vive and Rift platforms, respectively, to entice people into giving this whole VR thing a shot.

We'll have to see if Amazon cuts the prices of these bundles as they become available or if the original discounts were simply mistakes. If the former turns out to be the case, this could be a decent way to pick up a new system and Windows Mixed Reality headset in one go. If the latter is true, however, you're probably going to be better off buying a system and headset separately. Why get a bundle if there's no real upside?


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